Tap on This Shadow Trait to Open Your Third Eye


We’re doing a series where we’re tapping on the #1 Shadow Quality of each chakra and this is vlog number six. If you haven’t done EFT/Tapping before, please watch the #1 Root Chakra Quality Video for this series to learn how to do it. The video will also help you to understand why integrating your shadow is great for releasing chakra blocks.

You may want to watch the this playlist on Healing Your Chakras with Shadow Integration as well.

This week, we’re working with the third eye chakra. It’s the indigo chakra above and between your eyebrows. It’s the highest feminine chakra and the home of your Higher Self. Its “element” is light and it’s all about intuition, psychic skills, wise perspective, equanimity, justice and perceiving beauty.

People often mistakenly believe that the third eye chakra is only about intuition and psychic abilities. And that’s a shame, because it represents so much more. As the highest feminine chakra, it’s about wisdom, fairness and the beauty that pervades all things.

Watch the video above to open your third eye and create more peace and equanimity in your life (and in the world) by tapping on prejudice. We all have it. Even those of us who avoid it consciously enact it on a subtle, subconscious level. We have built in biases from the way we’ve been raised and socialized. We don’t mean to, but we do.

Watch the video above and break through your unconscious biases.

Be sure to watch to the end of the video to discover the other four shadow qualities of the third eye chakra. If you tap on all of them, it’s like spring cleaning for your pineal gland!

I’m proud of your for doing this spiritual warrior work.

Love and blessings,

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