My 5 Big Chakra Healing Mistakes


It’s been 12 years now since I started Chakra Boosters. And my chakra healing journey began in earnest a few years before that. And the best way to describe is a winding path that has gradually led me deeper into my own heart.


Because 1) the heart chakra is the center point of my energy field (and yours too). This means when we’re energetically balanced, we naturally come from our heart chakra.

And because 2) transformation really only happens when we unconditionally love and accept ourselves just as we are.

That’s counter-intuitive, I know. It seems backwards that we can only change what we have already accepted. But that’s how it works.

Most of us believe that transformation is a sort of fixing what’s “wrong” with us. And that we think we have to dislike things about ourselves strongly enough to be motivated to change them.

But the truth is the opposite. Real healing only happens in the vortex of loving acceptance.

When we don’t accept something — especially a part of ourselves — we resist it. And when we’re in resistance, we’re not transforming. We’re stuck.

I think you’ll understand this concept more clearly after you watch this week’s video (above). In it, I share the 5 big mistakes I made on my chakra healing journey.

Mostly, my mistakes were about not loving myself (or my inner child) enough and of judging myself too much.

So the simple, bottom line for chakra healing is this: love more, judge less.

Take a moment to watch the video and get all the particulars, Dear One. Then practice loving you and your inner child as much as you can this week and I’ll see you on the next video!

Love and blessings,

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