3 Goddesses That Heal Your Solar Plexus Chakra


There are many goddesses that heal your solar plexus chakra, but in this vlog post, I’m going to focus on three of my favorite ones. If I don’t mention your favorites, feel free to share them on my youtube channel rather than here on my blog, so more tribe members can benefit.

This post is part of a series, so if you haven’t yet seen the other videos, here they are:



The solar plexus is the center masculine chakra that relates to the warrior energy within. It’s active, goal-oriented, focused, motivated, courageous, competitive and confident.

It’s also the center from which we make our day-to-day decisions. The solar plexus is opinionated. It likes this and doesn’t like that. And for this reason, it’s a great decision-maker.

Some people think the third eye or crown chakras should be the decision-makers because they’re in the region of the brain. But those highest centers are tied to the ethereal realms and too busy dreaming and imagining to focus on realistic, daily choices.

There’s a reason we say we’ve made a “gut” decision. And in more recent years, scientists have even found brain cells in the stomach.

In short, the solar plexus is your powerful center of personal preferences and it’s also related to your ability to act on those preferences.

Its element is fire and it’s associated with the sun (hence the “solar” name). Goddesses, in general are related to feminine energy and the moon. So turning to solar plexus Goddesses for inspiration is a very balancing way to boost your solar plexus chakra. This approach automatically brings in powerfully complementary energies of the sun and the moon, fire and water.

So who are my top three picks?


  1. BAST (aka BASTET) – The Egyptian Goddess of protection, independence and cats (yes, cats – of all sizes). Her father, the sun God Ra, thought she was such a fierce warrior that he sent her to defeat his nemesis, the God of Darkness and Chaos, Apep.
  2. DIANA – The Roman Goddess of the hunt, focused intention and wild animals. Her Greek counterpart is Artemis. Over time, Diana too has been softened like Bast and now she’s often associated with the contradictory arenas of childbirth and virginity. Diana was merciless with a young man named Actaeon who gazed upon her bathing in the forest. Watch the video to hear about that myth.
  3. PELE – The Hawaiian Volcano Goddess that represents living from your deepest passions. She represents living full force and embodied ALL your lower chakras. The fire of your solar plexus (volcano), the flowing orange lava and the ocean (sacral) and the land that came from the hardened lava (root).

Call on each goddess according to your needs. If you desire protective, warrior-type energy, call on Bast. If it’s focus and goal-attainment you want, Diana is your gal. And if you’re looking to fuel your creative or intimate passion, turn to Pele.

There are many ways you can connect to these goddesses. You can create an altar, hang pictures of them or even just say a simple mantra with their name, like “Om, namah Pele (or Bast or Diana).” Really, all forms of recognition have power, because they’re infused with your intention. And intention and heart-felt focus are the steering wheel that drives energy.

Need a solar plexus boost? Choose one of these goddesses and put reverent focus on her this week.

And if you have a favorite solar plexus goddess that I haven’t mentioned, please remember to share with our tribe on my Chakra Boosters Youtube Channel.

Love and blessings,

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