The Mindful Millionaire Interview with Leisa Peterson


I recently posted a root chakra “money lens” video that I created with my friend, Leisa Peterson of wealth clinic.com. I guess I was a little too excited and gabby in the video, because some of you let me know you wanted more Leisa and less of me.

So this interview is a chance for you — and me — to hear more about Leisa’s amazing work!

Leisa’s first published book, The Mindful Millionaire is coming out this summer (from St.Martin’s Press) and in this interview, she’s gives us a BIG sneak preview.

There’s no way I can summarize all the incredible info that she covers here, so please do yourself a favor and watch the interview.

I’m providing a handy viewing guide with the approximate timestamps of where you’ll find each topic:

3:03 – Leisa’s story of how she moved from the world of high finance to spiritual/transformation work.

5:15 – The shocking, traumatic event that caused Leisa to do a 180 and change the course of her professional life.

7:19 – Scarcity vs. Prosperity Mindset (and how it looks in the Covid-19 economy).

21:40 – How and why doing a past life regression can deeply shift your relationship with money.

24:00 – The Mindful Millionaire, it’s beginning and how it got its title.

33:45 – Leisa introduces her 8-Step i-Prosper Method of which the first is I for INTENTION.

36:00 – P for Pattern — Looking at your patterns with money (root chakra).

36:55 – R for Reclaiming your feelings (sacral chakra).

37:55 – 0 for Opportunity and seeing the possibilities in your life (solar plexus chakra)

43:45 – S for Story and practicing forgiveness to release old, unhelpful stories (heart chakra).

45:40 – P for Permission means giving yourself permission in regard to your finances (throat chakra).

46:30 – E for Evidence means doing your financial planning chakra by chakra (third eye).

54:08 – R for Reinvention means putting all the previous points into action to create a whole new financial freedom (crown).

At the end of the interview, Leisa shares the website where she’s giving you lots of great goodies when you pre-purchase her book: mindfulmillionairebook.com.

I read early copies of the book and it’s amazing, so go get yours!

Here’s to your abundance!

Love and blessings,

Leisa Peterson is the Creator of the iProsper Method, Host of The Art of Abundance Podcast, Owner of Wealthclinic.com and the Author of The Mindful Millionaire.

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