Your May 2020 Energy Forecast – Deep, Intense Possibilities


May 2020 is full of possibilities, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Going into the month of May, Pluto is already retrograde (it went there April 26) and that’s a reliable harbinger of the intensity, opportunities and deep waters that make up this month.

I feel like the three big themes for May are a continuation of the three themes from April. So if you have a moment, click on this link and check out that video (if you missed it or want a refresher).

And for the sake of efficiency, here are April’s themes in summary:

  1. Forging new soul-driven self.
  2. Creating more authentic forms of communication.
  3. Truly living in the moment (not just talking about it or hoping for it).

Now let’s look at the three big themes for May:

  1. Becoming aware of /breaking old (deep!) patterns.
  2. Learning to be with our emotions in their full intensity.
  3. Creating a new relationship with abundance.

As I go through the four key dates of this month, I think you’ll understand why these are themes I chose. Of course, there are many more, but these are the ones that my guides underlined.

Four Key Dates for May 2020:

May 5 – The Lunar Nodes Change from Capricorn/Cancer to Sagittarius/Gemini.

The lunar nodes are not celestial bodies, but orbital nodes of the moon — two points (North and South) at which the orbit of the Moon intersects the ecliptic.

What really matters about them, though, is that they are the map of our soul’s growth (individually and collectively). They change roughly every 18 months and they show us where we’ve been (created a lot of karma — the South Node) and where we need to go for our soul’s expansion and more balance (the North Node).

The South and North Nodes are always complementary zodiac pairs. This means that they are opposite each other on the astrological wheel of 12 signs. And it also means that together, they create a kind of balance within us.

For May 5, I’m honestly less interested in the new lesson of our movement from Sagittarius to Gemini and more interested in acknowledging our “graduation” from expressing too much Capricorn energy (our past/the South Node) into more Cancer energy (our growth/the North Node).

Covid has literally forced us to cram for and complete this lesson. Capricorn is the masculine “father” energy of work, work, work. It’s steadfast, logical (rather than emotional) and outwardly successful/focused.

Whereas Cancer relates to home and family, nurturing and emotions. It’s the “mother” energy.

The pandemic has literally forced so many of us to leave work and to break the pattern of being work-oriented and success-driven. And it has sent us home to be with our family/loved ones.

It doesn’t get any more Capricorn-turning-Cancer than that!

I’ll comment on our next nodal lesson (of moving toward more Gemini energy) below when I talk about the Gemini new moon.

MAY 7 – Full Scorpio Supermoon at 3:45 am Pacific

Full moons are about completions. For me, they mark a time when we should celebrate and dance under the extra light shining through the night. The moon represents the sacral (water/tidal) feminine and so does Scorpio, because it’s a water sign. The full moon is the most intense lunar phase energetically and Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac. The moon is about our emotional/feminine and Scorpio is a water sign so it’s all about our emotions too.

A supermoon is more intense than a regular full moon due to it’s proximity to the earth. Pluto, the sign that rules Scorpio just went retrograde April 26 which means it’s time to dive deep into our past and our patterns, because Scorpio likes to dig deep and look underneath all the metaphorical carpets.

Basically, what this all adds up to is a whole lot of intense emotionality and some of it possibly being tied to really old patterns that we recognize if we dare to review our history during this Pluto retrograde.

The challenge here is to LOVE/ACCEPT what you dig up. And to allow your emotions to exist. Awareness plus embodiment (feeling our emotions fully) creates healing.

It could be very productive to do shadow work at this time because shadow digs deep in true Scorpio style and it invites us to love and embrace all parts. If you’d like to discover the gift of the shadow qualities in each of your chakras, check out my video playlist here.

Scorpio is also about sexuality and sensuality, so you may find yourself exploring that too.

MAY 11 – 14 – Retrograde Palooza!!

I’m kind of cheating here by including four days as one “date” but this period had to be highlighted.

In the middle of May with Pluto already retrograde, three other major planets go into retrograde in the short span of four days! This period is asking us to slow down, look back and look within.


MAY 11 – Saturn, the big heavy planet of law and limits.

MAY 13 – Venus the sweet planet of love, relationships, beauty and abundance. (Note: Someone from the past may come back)

MAY 14 – Jupiter, the big beneficent planet of luck and spirituality.

All of them together will create a soup of great growth for anyone who’s willing to take the time to really review these areas of their life.

These planets are big so they’ll be retrograde for a few months. This means you can’t stop all forward movement and progress, but if you need to go forward in the last part of May, I recommend doing it more slowly, deliberately and consciously.

Note also during this mid-May period when they go retrograde, you may feel a heaviness (especially on the 11th with Saturn) and a need to pause for a bit.

May 22 – New Moon In Gemini at 10:38 am Pacific

New moons mark the beginning of a fresh, new cycle, so they’re all about setting a powerful intention or two (and it’s best if you can do some sort of candle lighting or other ritual around it).

Gemini, which you might recall is now our new North Node “lesson” is all about being social, using media, communicating and having lots of ideas and variety. It’s also related to embracing your inner “twins” — your duality.

Here are a few questions I came up with to help you find a powerful Gemini-related intention for this new moon.

What are your social needs?

How do you want to engage with and process (social and “regular”) media?

How do you want to communicate with yourself and others?

How do you want to work with your inner duality (twin aspects)?

Answer the question that interests you the most and sow some powerful new seeds!

May feels super duper potent to me, Dear One. Please share your experience of it here on my youtube channel.

Thanks, love and blessings,

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  • Sarahlee Brown
    April 30, 2020

    Wow Vicki what a month can’t wait to see what it brings, lots of love and acceptance I will definitely be writing down all my wonderful experiences.

  • mary tatom
    May 1, 2020

    so on point, we are being called to ‘be here now’! we are love in manifestation this physical plane. blessings.

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