The 6 Best Essential Oils for Healing Your Root Chakra

The root chakra is our most primal chakra and it’s associated with our sense of smell. This is why essential oils are particularly suited to boost and balance the base chakra.

In this video, I share two simple ways you can use scent to ground you and heal your root chakra, plus I reveal my six favorite essential oils for boosting your root chakra.

There are more than six essential oils that can have a positive effect on your root, but I limited it to my top half-dozen to keep the length of the video manageable.

If you’ve never worked with essential oils before, please be aware that you want to dilute them properly with a good, carrier oil. Never use them directly. And even after diluting them, make sure to spot test any oils you want to use topically. Here’s a good article on using essential oils in a safe way.

If you want to use scent to ground you, but you don’t yet have any essential oils, try either recreating a beloved scent from your childhood (like your mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe) or go out into nature — the deeper into the forest, the better. The odor of moss, dirt and trees has an immediately grounding effect.

Here are my top six essential oils for boosting the root chakra:

  1. Sandalwood is a libido-boosting aphrodisiac and it boosts your memory too.
  2. Cedarwood (rumored to be the first essential oil ever extracted) has great anti-inflammatory effects. It’s great for treating arthritis.
  3. Rosewood is really good for regenerating tissue and for healing skin conditions.
  4. Black Spruce is immediately grounding and it also boosts your memory.
  5. Patchouli is an aphrodisiac and a strong sedative. It’s a great overall body tonic too.
  6. Vetiver is calming and is an aphrodisiac too.

May you heal and balance your root chakra so you’re relaxed and yet full of vitality, feel safe and grounded, have good libido, and healthy skin, blood, bones and bowels, legs and feet (as well as a good memory).



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