Your Energy Astrology Forecast for October 2020


2020 has been an intense year and October could possibly be the most incendiary month of the entire year. It actually feels like Part 2 of a feminine paradigm theme that began in September.

In short, how you experience October will largely depend on where you put your focus. If you put your attention on the main masculine celestial bodies — Mars and the Sun — you’ll likely experience lots of fire and frustration.

But if you look to Venus and the moon, you’ll likely experience harmony and surprising, positive shifts.

For example, Mars spends the month squaring (having tension with) the big kahunas in Capricorn — Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn (the latter officially at the end of September). While Venus spends the month trining (harmonizing with) them.

And the Sun is opposing Uranus (the planet of surprises) at the end of the month, while Venus trines Uranus on the 10th.

It feels like Mars — and to a lesser degree the Sun — are picking fights, while Venus — and to a lesser degree the Moon — are choosing love.

We’re at a key crossroads into the Age of Aquarius. It’s time to embody the ideals of interconnection. And the planets are literally incentivizing us to move away from the old masculine approach of might makes right and tap into the new feminine paradigm of connection, compassion and win-win.

Mars and the Sun are led by ego. Venus and the moon are led by the heart (and the sacral womb).

Watch the video above and learn how all the different aspects of this month may affect you. And let this be a month of action over reaction, of making new choices rather than following old habits.

Here are the time stamps for the video:

2:54 – BIG Paradigm Shift 3:49 – October Theme #1 9:26 – October Theme #2 14:06 – October Theme #3 18:31 – September 29 – Mars Squares Saturn 19:12 – October 1 – Full Moon in Aries 23:50 – October 2 – Venus Enters Virgo 23:56 – October 3 – Pluto Goes Direct in Capricorn 25:16 – October 10 – Venus Trines Uranus 25:43 – October 12 – Mars Squares Pluto 27:14 – October 13 – Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio 28:34 – October 16 – New Moon in Libra 31:42 – October 19 – Venus Trines Jupiter 32:55 – October 19 – Mars Squares Jupiter 33:56 – October 21 – Venus Trines Pluto 34:15 – October 24 – Venus Trines Saturn 35:33 – October 27 – Venus and Mercury Enter Libra 41:21 – Goddess Card #1 42:45 – Goddess Card #2

If you watch to the end, you’ll discover the Goddess cards I drew for the first and second half of the month. They were so fitting!

May you make October awesome, Beautiful Soul.

Love and blessings,

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  • Ruthie
    September 27, 2020

    Thank you as always, Vicki! I love the smoking example, especially since my roommate has been promising to quit for the past year and a half and becomes defensive when I mention it. Your video makes complete sense.

    Thank you for what you do and for who you are.

    Blessings, Ruthie

  • Jacqueline Langworthy Smith
    October 2, 2020

    Thank you, Vicki! I have missed you over the last 19 months. <3

  • Shirley Singh
    October 3, 2020

    Hi Vickie, you’re amazing and beautiful and I love and enjoy all your videos you put out for us to help us on our journey. This is truly a trying time for all of us on this Planet and I hope we all come together for the betterment of Mankind. Love and Blessings to you always.
    Shirley S

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