Tap Your Anxiety Away in Mere Moments


This week, someone from my tribe pointed out that I was looking thinner in my videos and I suddenly realized that I hadn’t been eating regularly.

It was a big aha.

The collective energies of this pandemic where building up in my body and even though part of me was definitely in surrender and trust — my physical self wasn’t. In short, I was leaving my body (lower chakras) behind in order to go into my upper (more spiritually-oriented) chakras.

It’s not that my spiritual trust/faith wasn’t real. It was — and IS (check out my Energy Forecast for April 2020). But my body was not being included in that spiritual reality. It was being left behind to fend for itself.

That’s when I knew I had to tap. EFT/Tapping is the “spiritual language” of the body. Our physical self understands touch and tapping involves touching. And it’s specifically designed to unlock the powerful energy of the body’s meridians — energy spots that can create better equilibrium, peace and healing.

Are your upper and lower chakras integrated now?

It’s key that we speak the body’s language when trying to engage in healing and transformation. Because in general, the body doesn’t want to cooperate with any kind of spiritual or transformational agenda. Our physical and spiritual selves have oppositional objectives. The spiritual part of us wants to grow and expand (since it’s part of the Universe that is ever-expanding).

But the physical part of us just wants to feel safe, comfortable and stay in homeostasis. That’s why our body has so many steady markers, like temperature, resting heart beat and average blood pressure that remain pretty consistent.

I know it sounds strange that spirit and body have different objectives, since truly, they’re united. After all, they’re just different frequencies of the one Divine consciousness of which we’re made.

But in the truth is, in this 3D reality, they usually have antagonistic agendas. The spirit doesn’t want to settle into stagnancy and the body doesn’t want to leave it’s well-known comfort zone for any kind of expansion or growth.

This difference can cause a big split within us.

And tapping can heal the split. It’s a great way to shift our energy without any resistance from our body.

I feel one of the big challenges of the current pandemic is to stay embodied while still keeping the faith and paying attention to the larger lessons.

That’s why I created this video. To help heal the split and bring your lower chakras and upper chakras into unity so you — and I — can reside in the our hearts.

If you want to jump right to the tapping part of the video above, it begins at 16:11.

Be sure to rate what you’re feeling before you tap. It’s always very eye-opening to see how the positive effects of tapping can actually be measured.

And please take a moment to comment and share your experience. At this time, we need to find our common humanity and spirituality more than ever.

Stay safe and keep your heart open, Dear One.

Love and Blessings,

P.S. If you enjoy this tapping, check out my video series where we Tap on the #1 Shadow Quality of Each Chakra.

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  • April 15, 2020

    I often use flower essences when I feel anxious but sometimes they don’t seem to work fast enough to lower the charge of events. I love that you frame tapping as the language of the physical body. I haven’t tapped in months but felt guided to tap along with you. I forgot how quickly I can experience relief. I too will commit to tapping for 30 days. Thank you!

  • Vicki
    April 16, 2020

    Yay for 30 days, Tiffani — I’m doing mine. It’s been almost a week now!

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