The Best Foods to Open Your Crown Chakra – with Surprising Alternatives

This week we complete our series of the foods that boost and heal each chakra. If you haven’t seen the related vlogs, you can access them here:

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With the highest chakra, the crown, it’s all about your connection to the Divine.

It’s important to keep in mind that food nourishes your body, so it’s very connected to your root chakra and the physical world and far less connected to the crown. In fact, it’s almost an oxymoron to say “crown chakra foods.” Perhaps that’s why the number one way to open the crown chakra is to eat nothing at all for a while (to fast).

If you do choose to fast, please educate yourself first and make sure you do it in a manner that is safe.

If you’ve been following this Chakra Food Series, you already know that the best way to determine the foods that positively influence each chakra is to look at the color, food type and endocrine glands that relate to each one.

The color for the crown chakra is a small spectrum that starts at violet (near the body) and then turns to pure white as it ascends further into the realm of spirit.

There is no “food type” here, since the crown is the chakra that’s furthest from the material world of physical nourishment. You could say that the food type is fasting – or more precisely, prana — the life force that is present within each breath.

In the video above, I talk about a very rare group of people who call themselves “Breatharians.” These folks claim they don’t eat food, because they get all the nourishment they need from breathing alone. I’ve never personally met a breatharian, but I think it’s a very fascinating concept — and definitely not for me, because I love food way too much!

The endocrine glands that are related to the crown chakra area the pituitary and the hypothalamus

With that in mind, here are:

My Favorite “Foods” for Opening the Crown Chakra

  1. Fasting (no food!)
  2. Water (high-alkaline and structured)
  3. High Alkaline Foods/Low PRAL Foods: Leafy greens (especially beet greens) are best
  4. High Chromium foods: broccoli, potatoes and garlic
  5. Pituitary Supplement: L-Arginine

Honorable Mention – breath!

Again, if you decide to fast, please do so responsibly.

Love and blessings,

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  2. Hi Sarahtina, I share my time between Sedona and Scottsdale (with more time in Scottsdale these days). xoxo

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