The Easy Way to Heal Your Chakras with Food


This week, I’m beginning a new series around chakras and food We all have to eat, right? So what better way to work with our chakras than to incorporate them into our meals? Watch the video above for an introduction on how you can heal your chakras through your daily diet.

There are two basic ways you can approach chakra healing with food. The first is the simplest and can be done without assessing your chakras. It’s the rainbow diet approach.

You simply make sure you have as many of the colors of the rainbow on your plate as possible for each meal. This makes every dining experience a feast for your eyes as well, which really pleases your third eye. This approach is best if you don’t know the current state of your chakras.

The second approach requires that you do some kind of chakra assessment. Here’s an online test that is pretty good. Take it and then focus on eating more foods that boost your weakest chakra.

How do you know which foods boost each chakra?

There are three key indicators.

Here’s the kind of foods you want to look for:

  1. Those that are the same color as the chakra.
  2. Those that are the right food type for the chakra (watch the video above to discover the food type for each chakra).
  3. Those that are good for the gland(s) that are associated with the chakra (watch the video above to discover the gland(s) that are associated with each chakra).


Keep in mind that healing with food is more effective for the lower chakras, because food nourishes your physical body. The lower chakras are about physical existence, while the upper chakras are about spiritual energy.

Still, food-related techniques are also good for the two highest chakras — the third eye and the crown. Again, watch the video above to see what those are.

And keep in mind that eating can only be a form of healing IF you eat healthy, natural (unprocessed), preferably organic foods.

So shop smart this week, dear one, and join me next week as I begin featuring my 5 favorite healing foods for each chakra, We’ll start, of course with the root.

Happy eating!

Much love,


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  • October 5, 2018

    Thank you SO much for starting this new series!! I am very excited for each coming episode.
    Additionally, your comment on how processed food tends to hang within our body due to it’s new presence in our evolution rings so true. I’ve had a slightly similar belief. I’m 6’1″ and 155 lbs, which “BMI’ defines as a healthy weight, but I am aware that in the past I did not eat with the intention to nourish my body which has progressed to become what I call “excess energy”. Some may call it fat, but I really believe it is unspent energy that my 25 yo body may be holding on to in preparation for child bearing, but also, I sense an extra boost of energy when I do my weekly Sunday fast, as my body dips into those resources. Anyways, just a little wave of gratitude heading your way as your tattoos and video aid me along my spiritual journey.

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