Is Your Energy More Masculine or Feminine? Explore These Chakra Archetypes


This week, we’re taking on a big topic – the masculine and feminine energies within each of us. In the yogic world, it’s common to talk about two energies: Shiva, the masculine energy of awareness/God/the Universe and Shakti, the physical embodiment of that energy.

This means consciousness is masculine and everything manifest in the world (born from that consciousness) is feminine.

It’s a good distinction to be aware of, but it gives us no nuance by reducing everything in the physical realm to “Shakti.”

But Shakti, aka everything in our 3D world has lots of contrast. It fact, our physical existence pulsates with duality. We have up and down, in and out, left and right and so on.

This means the “feminine” spiritual energy of embodiment also has this apparent duality of masculine and feminine energy within it. I say “apparent” here, because beyond this physical world, everything, at base, is one consciousness.

Of the six chakras that reside in your body (the crown is actually off the body), half of them are masculine and the other half are feminine.

Because of this, energetically, we are all both masculine and feminine and our true spiritual nature is a weave of these two opposing forces.

In the video above, I share that the masculine chakras are the odd ones (1, 3 and 5) – the root, solar plexus and throat – that relate to success in the external world. And the feminine chakras are the even ones (2, 4 and 6) – the sacral, heart and third eye – that relate to having a fulfilling inner world and relationships.

To get you to better understand the masculine and feminine energies of the chakras, I also share the primary archetype of each chakra. The ones I talk about aren’t the only archetypes, but they are, I believe, the quintessential ones. Here they are…

The Archetypes for the Six Embodied Chakras:

Root – The Protective Father (masculine)

Sacral – The Sensual Seductrice/Creatrix (feminine)

Solar Plexus – The Brave Warrior (masculine)

Heart – The Loving Mother (feminine)

Throat – The Inspiring Leader (masculine)

Third Eye – The Wise Insightful One (feminine)

Which archetypes do you access most easily and which are more challenging?

More importantly, how can you allow all of them to be expressed through you when you need them?

One way to access more aspects of yourself is to “exercise” all your chakras, just as you would your muscles. I’ve created playlists with various videos for each chakra. If a particular archetype feels weak for you, consider watching several (or all) of the videos on the playlist for that chakra. Here they are…

Video Playlists for Each Chakra:









Love and blessings,

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  • November 28, 2018

    I did not realize there were more feminine or masculine chakras – Thank you very much!

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