8:8 Lions Gate! Exciting Energy Forecast for August 2019

Hello Beautiful Soul (aka Spiritual Warrior), Did you take a courageous journey through Mercury Retrograde and your own “underworld” last month? I hope so!

Because, if you did, you’re ready to look at and celebrate all that you excavated. The brilliant Leo light of August is give you the perfect light perspective for the job.

This month, the moon, sun and stars are all aligned to help you shine brighter and more true to yourself than ever before.

If you didn’t see last month’s video, you can watch it here.

We have two new moons this month which signifies a month full of possibility. Officially, if you live in the U.S., the first moon falls on the evening of the last day of July (the 31st) at 8:11 pm Pacific (which is 11:11 Eastern!).

Here are the key lunar/astrological dates for August:

New Moon in Leo on July 31 @ 8:11 pm Pacific

Lion’s Gate Portal on August 8

Full Moon in Aquarius on August 15 @ 5:29 am Pacific

New Moon in Virgo on August 30 @ 3:38 am Pacific

On the new moons, set some strong, personal intentions, especially around the theme of the zodiac sign that it’s in. Or in the case of a Leo full moon, you may actually want to take an ACTION, since Leo is all about taking bold steps forward.

And on the full moon, check in to see how your intentions are coming to fruition. You may also want to look back exactly six months as well, because at that time there was a new moon in the SAME sign. You may find that some sweet six month cycle of some sort has completed without you even being consciously aware of it.

On August 8 (8/8), we’re going to experience something very special — the Lion’s Gate Portal. The LGP is an extremely auspicious astrological convergence of Sirius A, the sun and the moon.

I love the symbolism of this. Sirius A is the brightest star in the sky and it’s helping to initiate your solar plexus and third eye energie so you can shine bright. When it aligns with the sun and the moon, it creates a portal of energy that helps your energy naturally ascend and allows you to step into your highest possibilities.

Please make sure you consciously celebrate this lucky, light-filled day!

In short, August feels sooooo delicious! My guides gave me all sorts of great metaphors to share with you, so I hope you’ll watch the video above and make the most of this positive, loving and courageous month.

And if you’re willing to be bold, please share what your Leo-is intentions are for August (and SHARE this video).

Thanks, love and blessings,

Vicki Howie

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4 thoughts on “8:8 Lions Gate! Exciting Energy Forecast for August 2019”

  1. You erringly kept on referring to the Virgo ew moon on July 30 when you meant to say August 30t h… Please correct your incredible video here ASAP!

  2. Hi Vicki, Thanks for another great vid. I have a question. Why did you say that someone should not use their root chakra if they tend towards depression or are already super-rooted? Also, would love to hear what you and your guides feel about the crisis with the Chilean miners. And also what they feel about all the unrest in the political arena world-wide this past year. Thanks in advance!


  3. Hi Fatima, The world is too big of a topic to take on, and the miner’s story will take a whole video, but the root question is easy: the root is about downward (asana) energy, and depression is simply a case of having too much of that energy in your field without the corresponding upper energy. Make sense? xoxo, Vicki

  4. I know, Marilyn, it happens sometimes, honey. But once I put it up, there’s no correcting. I’m putting out a LOT of free content every week and I just have to be okay with it not being perfect (and people always figure it out like you did here — given the context). xoxo

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