7 Laws of the Chakras (The Fundamental Way Each Chakra Works)


Hello Beautiful Soul, This week we’re going to look at what I consider to be the immutable laws of each chakra – the fundamental way that each one works.

I’m not claiming that these are the only laws, or that they’re written on some sacred scroll. They’re
simply my take on how the chakras and the Universe work and they shine a light
on what I consider to be the most important aspect of each chakra.

I feel that when you combine them, you have a good manual on
how to approach some of the key aspects of your life. The video pretty much
speaks for itself, so I’m not providing any details in the following list – as an
incentive for you to watch the video above.

Here they are…

The Seven Laws of the Chakras

Law #1 – Root Chakra:
The Law of Physical Manifestation

Law #2 – Sacral Chakra:
The Law of Mirroring (or Reciprocity)

Law #3 – Solar Plexus Chakra: The Law of Creative Power

Law #4 – Heart Chakra:
The Law of Love and Acceptance

Law #5 – Throat
Chakra: The Law of (Honoring) Your Truth

Law #6 – Third Eye Chakra:
The Law of Higher Knowing

Law #7 – Crown Chakra:
The Law of Oneness

What do you think? Got something you want to add? For
interactive dialogue with me and others, please make any comments here on my Youtube

Love and blessings,

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