How the Hawaiian Islands Mirror Your Chakras


This week we’re going to have a little fun and look at a real life metaphor for the chakras – the Hawaiian Islands.

Many people don’t know this, but the Hawaiian Islands remarkably mirror the chakras. There are eight islands rather than seven, but the smallest island, Kaloohawe, sits right next to Maui, the sacral-related island and acts like a sort of “partner.” This is fitting since the sacral chakra is related to the number two and partnership.

As we ascend up the chain of the Hawaiian Islands, here’s
how each island corresponds to each chakra:

ROOT CHAKRA – Hawaii (aka the Big Island)







Now, let’s look at why each island is related to a particular chakra.

ROOT CHAKRA – The Big Island (Hawaii)

The first and largest island is the root related island of Hawaii most commonly known as “the Big Island.” Since the root chakra is related to manifestation in the physical world, it’s fitting that this chakra is by far the largest – and it’s still growing. There are four active volcanoes on the Big Island (Mauna Loa, Kilauea and Loihi) that are releasing lava that’s slowly turning to rock. This means the Big Island is literally continually creating more earth (the element of the root chakra).

Additionally, the red flowing lava is a perfect metaphor for the blood that flows through our veins, which is related to the root chakra. Basically, this island is full of life force and vitality – the hallmark of the root.


The second island is moody Maui. The sacral chakra is related to partnership, intimacy and emotions and Maui is famous for being a honeymooners’ spot where the weather seems to change moofd moment to moment. The tiny island of Kahoolawe sits directly west of Maui, making the two islands a perfect little partnership for the second chakra that is so two-oriented.


The third island is Lanai, which is related to the solar plexus chakra. It’s interesting that Lanai is known as the “the Pineapple Island” because pineapple is the quintessential solar plexus food. It’s golden color and digestive enzymes are perfect for the yellow chakra that is all about digestion. At one point in history, 75% of the world’s pineapples were grown on this little island.

Additionally, Lanai is the place where cliff diving was born. This is perfect, since the solar plexus chakra is where we summon our courage, take risks and dive in!


The fourth island is Molokai, a lush place nicknamed “the Friendly Island,” which is ideal for the heart chakra that’s known for connecting with and loving others.

There’s are a lot of forests on the island too, including the 2,774 acre Molokai Forest Reserve which makes the island very green, the color of the heart chakra.

Additionally, Molokai is known as the sole Hawaiian Island that has never been conquered. It’s basically peaceful and “unstruck” which is the literal meaning of the heart chakra’s true Sanskrit name, “Anahata.”


The fifth island is Oahu which corresponds to the throat chakra of purpose, masterful communication and growth. It houses the vast majority of the population – approximately 80% — and the state’s capital, Honolulu. Oahu truly is the “voice” of Hawaii.


The sixth island is Kauai and it relates to the third eye chakra which is all about our connection to our Higher Self and our innate spiritual wisdom. Kauai is known as a very meditative island with a peaceful, spiritual vibe and it was the place where initiates went to become kahunas (ancient, wise sorcerers).


The seventh island is Niihau, a limited access island at the tip of the chain. Just as the root chakra-related Big Island is BIG, this crown chakra-related island is tiny. And this is perfect because the crown is about energy and is the chakra of the least amount of physical mass.

Niihau is known as the “Forbidden Island,” and while access to the crown is not by any means forbidden, it’s rare that one can keep it fully open in a sustained way. That’s why the state of “samadhi” — full enlightenment — can be so elusive.

Interestingly, Niihau is designated as critical habitat for Brighamia insignis, an endemic and endangered species of Hawaiian flower (pictured above) that is colloquially known as “cabbage on a stick.” It’s multi-petaled and looks a little like the lotus flower that represents the crown chakra.

And there you have it, a description of why the Hawaiian Islands are a beautiful, living metaphor for the chakras. If you have more observations to add, feel free to comment below or here on my youtube channel.

Thanks, love and blessings,

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  • July 18, 2019

    Thank you for articulating this subject so clearly. I had heard that the islands were a mirror of the chakra system and the in depth information you put together helped me to understand more deeply. Mahalo!

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