5 Shadow Qualities to Heal Your Sacral Chakra

Hello Beautiful Soul, A couple weeks ago, we began a series on the shadow aspects of the chakras with this introductory video. And last week I shared five shadow qualities of the root chakra, as well as five tools you can use to integrate your shadow and own back all of yourself and your energetic power (in the last part of that same video).

If you haven’t seen those videos yet, I recommend watching them first, especially the root chakra shadow video because you’ll want to use the five shadow integration tools I mention in that video to fully embrace the shadow qualities of all the other chakras.

Today, we are looking at the shadow qualities of the sacral chakra, which is the home of the Divine Feminine. The sacral chakra is orange, resides in the pelvis, and is all about the element of water.  Some of its main qualities are creativity, flow, change, emotions, sensuality, intimacy and joy.

It’s also the chakra of spontaneity, which may be why I ended up shooting this video “off the cuff” while attending a moody beach in Noordwijk outside of Amsterdam (sorry about all the wind sounds).

Over the years of teaching the chakras, I’ve noticed that more and more, I take on (and transmit) the healing energy of whatever chakra I’m focusing on. So this video is very sacral in nature – from the symbolism of the ocean, the moody weather, the sand-mover, my shaky camera and wild hair, even my own fluctuating emotions (I think I cried twice, which is two times more than normal — lol).

I meant to make this video shorter, but brevity is not a strength of the sacral chakra, so it turned out to be over a half-hour long. I hope you find it worthwhile.

Here are the 5 Shadow Qualities of the Sacral Chakra (Plus Their Gift)

  1. Codependence (Gift = Willingness to Connect Deeply with Another)
  2. Crazy/Too Emotional (Gift = Arouse and Enliven Self and Others)
  3. Leaky/Inappropriate (Gift = Opening Self and Others to New Things “Outside the Box”)
  4. Promiscuous/Slutty (Gift = Awakens Our Sexual Passion and Pleasure)
  5. Too Sensitive (Gift = Empathizing and Harmonizing with Self and Others + Psychic Skills)

Once again, you can find Five Ways to Integrate Your Shadow in the last third of this video.

Please do the work, guys. Knowing this stuff intellectually, but not integrating it on a bodily level won’t free you. You need to fully integrate your shadow qualities if you want to gain back all of your power. And I want that for you!



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7 thoughts on “5 Shadow Qualities to Heal Your Sacral Chakra”

  1. Omg… Thank you. .. love this, i dance with all 5 shadows you mentioned. . Off to tapping. .to integrate . once again thank you

  2. I love
    This shadow work and I appreciate your videos. It is showing me I’ve done a lot of this shadow work and also how I can do more. Thank you for being vulnerable and real Vickie.

  3. Just ask a question, Mary and I’ll clarify honey. That’s why social media is so great — it’s interactive. Thanks and love, Vicki

  4. If you mean porn, Jake, that’s the root (and the opposite of the intimacy of the sacral). Blessings, V-

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