5 Shadow Qualities to Heal Your Root Chakra

Hello Beautiful Soul, This week we begin our deep dive journey into the main shadow qualities for each chakra. The first video (above) is much longer than the others to come, because it includes an introduction and five ways you can integrate a shadow quality that apply to ALL the shadow videos in the weeks to come.

So be sure to watch the entire video above so you can carry the shadow integration tools forward as we go through each chakra in the weeks to come. I’m hoping I can make all the other videos 12 minutes or less (wish me luck – ha ha).

If you don’t know what shadow is or how it relates to the chakras, please check out this video: Shadow and the Chakras.

As you know, the root chakra is the lowest densest chakra. It’s red and it’s related to the foundational things in our lives like home, health, financial stability, family/tribe, work and safety. It’s also all about the material world and getting your most basic needs met.

The shadow qualities for this chakra are the ones that are related to these areas and are usually considered “negative.” Typically, we are conditioned to reject these parts of ourselves at a very young age, so we literally hide these parts of ourselves in order to be accepted and loved and to get our basic needs met.

Unfortunately, when we hide parts of ourselves, we lose energy, power and our full potential.

Why do we need to reclaim “negative” qualities? There are many reasons, but the two biggest ones are: 1) We lose energy and power when we hide pieces of ourselves (and as slices of the Divine, we have the potential of every quality within us). And 2) Chakras energy doesn’t know the difference between “good” and “bad.” If you deny your root chakra shadow qualities and hide them away, then you lose some of your power to have good health, wealth, home, family and other things that are related to having a strong root chakra.

So it’s a good idea to embrace your root shadow qualities.

Here are the 5 Shadow Qualities of the Root Chakra (watch the video to get more info on each one)

  1. Needy
  2. Greedy
  3. Unaware/Stupid
  4. Lazy
  5. Fearful


And here are my 5 favorite ways to integrate these shadow qualities:

  1. Find the Gift in the Shadow
  2. Do EFT/Tapping (watch this video to learn how)
  3. Love Yourself with the Shadow Quality (Work with Your Inner Child)
  4. Elicit Memories of Being the Shadow Quality
  5. Take Back Your Shadow Projections


For #5, I recommend doing Byron Katie’s the work and filling out her awesome Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet when you find that you are triggered by someone.


Of course, there are more Root Chakra Shadow qualities, so please feel free to share any that you’ve discovered. In fact, consider it part of your shadow work. If you’re brave enough to claim a shadow quality publicly, you’re already integrating it!

And I love when we do this work collectively. It’s so much more powerful!

That’s it for now, Beautiful Soul. Next week, we’ll look at the sacral chakra.

Love and blessings,


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7 thoughts on “5 Shadow Qualities to Heal Your Root Chakra”

  1. Mam, Don’t Cry. it’s always tough to be a human. I Know, we are blessed by GOD but there are so many things we have to go through and moreover Director always give tough acting to his/her best Actor. so you should feel proud of you that you have done so many good things in your life along with facing bad times and now look at you, You are just WOW! hats off you for achieving many things struggling day & night. just wanna say don’t be a cry baby. you look awesome when you smile. so keep smiling 🙂

  2. That feels good, Gabriela, thanks for sharing. And for being on this beautiful journey with me. xoxo Vicki

  3. Thanks Vikas. No need to worry about me honey. Crying is okay, right? Make sure to watch the sacral shadow qualities video. Blessings, Vicki

  4. I Love all of Vicki Howe and all her Chakra classes. I started doing her work almost 2 years ago. The courses, books, Youtube videos. I have seen so much growth in myself, and with my family. I highly recommend all her work. Thank you Dorothy Sterling

  5. Excellent work Vicki, as always. Thank you so much for that. I so needed to hear this info. And the “I’d rather be whole than nice” is from now on my life motto! Shadow work, maybe not the most pleasant, but so so healing, enlightening and needed xx
    Vicki please do courses on all of the chakras, like the one you did for the Root. So good! Love, Kasia xxx

  6. I was 78 when I met a doctor who is close to my own age. We spoke on a very personal level at first.
    I realized my lack of a father during my childhood was at the root.
    In a way I was lucky to NOT have much contact with that child abuser!

    The relationship with the doctor is a lot more impersonal a year later. I am pretty sure he senses the neediness. He has been very helpful for me with several health issues and has also ignored a few other issues. Confusing at times.

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