5 Shadow Qualities to Heal Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Hello Beautiful Soul, welcome to part three of my series on the main shadow qualities of each chakra. These are the things we need to integrate if we really want all of our energy to align and flow.

Why would we want to integrate “negative” qualities? Because as beings comprised of consciousness (aspects of the Divine), we have ALL qualities within us and when we deny parts of ourselves:

  1. We lose some of the energy of the chakra where that shadow quality resides.
  2. We spend a lot of energy hiding these shadow aspects from ourselves and others.

For more on this, watch Chakra Healing with Shadow Integration as well as the previous videos of this series:

5 Shadow Qualities of the Root Chakra

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This week we look at the shadow qualities of the Solar Plexus chakra. This chakra resides in your abdominal core and it’s yellow, fiery and related to confidence, motivation, decision-making and anything that has to do with taking action or being courageous.

It’s the chakra of personal power and of the ego self. And for that reason, it has long been considered the least spiritual (or even most ANTI-spiritual) chakra.

In the modern world, we suffer from “chakra-ism” in the same way we suffer from racism. We tend to idealize and honor the upper chakras and devalue or look down on the lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus), despite the fact that all the chakras come from the same source consciousness. They are just different vibrations of the same Divine energy. And they’re all created equal.

But the solar plexus chakra is the one that gets rejected the most because it’s the independent, “me” centered chakra. And it’s also the warrior chakra — the one that fights — so it can quite literally be a threat to others.

It’s also the center of personal power. Without a strong solar plexus chakra, we live our lives as victims and believe that others have power over us, because when we can’t own our own solar plexus shadow qualities, we tend to project them onto others.

So people who consider themselves nothing but “nice” will talk about the selfish, narcissistic or mean people in their life. They will feel like they are the victim of these kinds of people, whereas people who know that aspects of these qualities are within them, don’t tend to feel like anyone’s victim.

In other words, one of the biggest benefits of owning the solar plexus shadow is the end of victimhood and the full integration of your personal power.

With that in mind, see if you can embrace the ones I share here.

The 5 Shadow Qualities of the Solar Plexus Chakra (Plus Their Gift):

(Remember the gift of a shadow is what you get when you dial that characteristic WAY down.)

  1. Selfish/Narcissistic (Gift = Good Self-Care & Ability to Care for Others)
  2. Mean/Abusive (Gift = Have Healthy Boundaries & Stand for Something)
  3. Arrogant/Condescending (Gift = Belief in Self/Confidence)
  4. Righteous/Know It All (Gift = Sharing Your Talents & Standing for What You Believe In)
  5. Controlling/Manipulative (Gift = Ability to Successfully Navigate the Physical World)


Watch the video above all the way through to hear about the 5 methods for integrating shadow qualities. In the video, I actually walk you through method #1 which is to discover the gift of each quality. Choose a couple other methods I mention and dive deep. Shadow work takes work. For the solar plexus chakra, my favorite method is to take back your projections.

Do you have someone in your life who you think is selfish, mean, arrogant, righteous or controlling? Do they really trigger (bother) you?

If so, fill out a “Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet” here and do Byron Katie’s The Work. It’s a beautiful way to integrate the really tough shadow qualities that we really want to resist.

Good for you for doing this challenging, spiritual work!

Love and blessings,


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6 thoughts on “5 Shadow Qualities to Heal Your Solar Plexus Chakra”

  1. Awesome stuff, esp. for a recovering alcoholic like myself. I face the juxtaposition of so many innate qualities where I have to embrace both the positive and negative, trick…. not to act on or dwell on the negative. Accept it and try to make it positive. I’m really valuing your work and message. Thank you for enlightening us in an intelligible way. Much Abundance of Blessings,

  2. Rightly said. In modern time, people do not believe in such type of Chakra healing therapy or treatment. As well, Chakra therapy is much better treatment than taking medicine in any disease which is doing side effect on health too.

  3. Just a bit earlier in my life I recognized that my own sexual limitations probably DID effect the sexual life of my daughter. A hard pill to swallow and even love!


  4. Thanks for sharing Mary. We all do the best we can with what we know and have and when we know better, we do better, so it is all sweet and tender, right? xoxo

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