What Does 2019 Have In Store for You? Energy Forecast


This week, we take a break from our Chakra Myth Series to look at the energies of the upcoming New Year.

2019 is a “3” year which means we can finally take a break from all the introspection and analyzing of our past and our patterns, and simply move toward what we want.

Can I get a hallelujah?!

It’s a year of masculine “can do” energy. Starting with a solar eclipse in Capricorn (the goat that climbs the mountain!) on January 5. This means it’s a year when passion, purpose and tenacity can add up to big accomplishments and financial prosperity.

In the world of Chinese Astrology, February 5 welcomes in the Yin Earth Pig, a symbol of good luck and abundance, so expect that your hard work and passion will pay off.

Because it’s a “3” year, 2019 will naturally invite each of us to claim our own form of authentic power. It will also draw out our fire, which will help fuel our desires and projects, but may also create impatience, anger and judgment of others, if we aren’t careful.

The remedy I recommend is to emphasize the feminine chakras that border the solar plexus — the heart and the sacral. They have a way of meeting the fire energy with counterbalancing energies, so it comes out in positive ways without you having to douse it.

Open your heart this year and embrace your connection with everyone and you’ll create the perfect communal balance for the more self-oriented energy of the solar plexus. Plus, when you involve others in what you’re doing, it’s easier, more enriching and turns out better because “teamwork makes the dream work.”

The sacral is a great balancer for the solar plexus as well. If you approach your projects with flexibility and fun (characteristics of the sacral chakra), you’ll manage to circumvent the seriousness and perfectionism that can sometimes result from the fire chakra’s overly single-minded, focus and drive.

It’s a good year to publish and to greet the dawn on a regular basis. In 2019, the early bird really does gets the worm” but only when that earliness — that initiative energy — is a consistent habit. So set your alarm, Beautiful Soul.

Watch the video above for more insights and nuances to the energies and potentiality of 2019. Together, let’s make the most of this powerful, upcoming year!

Love and blessings,

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