Heal Your Heart Chakra with These 5 Shadow Qualities

Hello Beautiful Soul, welcome to part four of my series on the main shadow qualities of each chakra. We have now completed the lower chakras — root, sacral and solar plexus — and we are looking at the “bridge chakra,” the heart.

Just to be clear, in this series, we are shedding light on the “dark” shadow or the “negative” qualities of each chakra. So far, in the lower chakras, we have been looking at the qualities that arise when we have a LOT of the energy of the root, sacral or solar plexus.

When we get to the upper chakras, the throat, third eye and crown, we will be looking at the opposite — what qualities arise when we have very LITTLE of the energy of the throat, third eye or crown.

The heart is the “bridge” chakra in the middle, so we could look at what qualities arise when we have too little focus on our connection to others or when we have too much.

I’ve decided to do the latter – and approach the heart chakra in the same way I’ve dealt with the lower three chakras.

If you haven’t yet watched the other videos of this series, please watch the intro video here and then watch these 3 videos (especially the first one as it goes into the shadow integration healing modalities in more detail):

5 Shadow Qualities of the Root Chakra

5 Shadow Qualities of the Sacral Chakra

5 Shadow Qualities of the Solar Plexus Chakra

This week we’re looking at the shadow qualities of the heart. This chakra resides in the center of your chest and it’s green and related to the easy breezy element of air. Its’s associated with love, compassion, peace, healing, kindness and your connection to others.

It’s our middle energy center (number 4 out of 7) so when all of your chakras are strong and aligned, you naturally end up here in the balance point of our heart chakra, because your energetic essence IS love.

The heart is a popular chakra socially and spiritually, because it is the compassionate energy center that invites us to connect with and take care of others (whereas, in contrast, the solar plexus asks us to take care of self and be independent of others).

So clearly, the heart is the social chakra. But because taking care of yourself needs to precede taking care of others (if you want to properly take care of others), when the heart chakra focus of putting others first takes over our lives without the healthy solar plexus chakra interest in equally honoring ourselves, we can fall into some odd subconscious, shadow patterns.

Here are the 5 Shadow Qualities of the Heart Chakra

  1. Dependent (Gift = Our Humanity & Connections to Others)
  2. Martyr (Gift = Seeing & Valuing Our Contributions)
  3. Victim (Gift = Awareness of Our Pain & Taking Responsibility)
  4. Weak (Gift = Cultivates Connection & Compassion)
  5. Doormat (Gift = Awareness of Your Big Heart & Oneness with Others)

Remember that it’s not enough to just know this information, you need to anchor it into the cells of your body with shadow integration methods.

Work with these:

  1. Find the gift of each chakra quality. I share some here, but it can be even more powerful when you find your personal gifts. What does each shadow quality give you?
  2. Tap on each shadow quality. You can watch my video on tapping to heal your throat chakra to learn the simple and powerful EFT technique.
  3. Elicit memories of any time you’ve ever embodied each chakra shadow quality.
  4. Love yourself (as a child or adult) when you’ve embodied each quality.
  5. Take back your shadow projections. One easy way is to fill out Byron Katie’s Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet and then do the work.

The key is to go beyond knowing about shadow and embrace it with practices and participation.

I love the spiritual warrior in you!!

Love and blessings,


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