Your Energy Forecast for March 2019


March 2019 is full of beautiful changes as we complete big cycles and set new, more expansive intentions (if btw, you missed the February Energy Forecast, it’s here).

We’re going to be deeply and positively affected by the idealistic Piscean energy of the new moon that takes place at 8:03 am Pacific on the 6th, and that cycle will then complete itself with the balance-oriented, Libra full moon on the 20th at 5:42 pm Pacific.

Basically, this two week cycle is about bringing our highest, most unconditionally loving ideals into our lives and leaving behind old patterns that no longer serve us (and I mean OLD patterns, perhaps even from past lives). We also have a great opportunity to create a more spiritually-guided, supportive relationship between our own masculine and feminine energies within.

As we embrace new ways of being this month, it’s important to create the proper boundaries and shut the door on the old ways and relationships we’ve outgrown. But as we do close these doors, we’ll want to check and make sure we aren’t coming from a place of judgment or of resisting others. That just creates more unnecessary karmic cycles.

Instead, build your new boundaries (of what “in” and what’s “out”) from a place of self-love and self-respect. This is very important, because old patterns can only be karmically complete if we don’t try to make something or someone that isn’t right for us “wrong” in any way. They aren’t wrong. They just aren’t right for us, because they’re incompatible with our new way of being, just as our old self is no longer compatible with our new self and life direction.

For most of the month (from the 5th to the 28th) we have Mercury in Retrograde. Try not to see this as an inconvenience, but rather as a blessing. With the deep, loving Piscean energy of the new moon (and this month), Mercury going retrograde can be seen as a meaningful luxury — an opportunity to step back a little from all the “to dos” and logistics of life and re-evaluate and review our life from a place of wisdom and self-acceptance.

I invite you to set the intention to allow your conversations — even work ones — to be more philosophical and loving. Doing this will create some surprising magic (that I talk about in the video).

I also invite you to take some time to create rituals (the new moon and full moon are good times) that help seal the release of old cycles and welcome the clear embodiment of new cycles and intentions.

The main symbol I was shown for the month was three beautiful hawks spiraling upward as they caught thermals. The meaning for me is two fold: 1) To not work too hard (flapping your wings) in this Mercury retrograde month. You’ll be more effective if you trust and spread your wings wide and trust that you’ll be carried upward and 2) Take the higher, Piscean perspective of unconditional love and connection and expansion. No blaming, resisting or rejecting. Embrace it all as part of you and alchemize to the next level.

I also drew the “break free” mermaid oracle card which features a beautiful whale jumping up out of the waves as if flying.

So flying and freedom are big, in our lower chakras — especially the sacral chakra that is related to the ocean and our masculine-feminine aspects and our relationships. And also in the upper highest chakras of spiritual vision (the third eye and crown) that give us a beautiful perspective. High and low, inside and outside, masculine and feminine. It’s all coming together right now and that’s why we are experiencing such profound completions.

My video above has a lot more detail that may speak to your experience of the upcoming month. Feel free to comment on my youtube channel here and share your experience.

Love and blessings,


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  • Maria
    February 27, 2019

    Thank you Vicki, your messages really help in a practical sense. Awareness and honouring both the Masc and Fem. energies. By acknowledging the feminine aspects you revealed that a passive approach will be the active ingredient. I did hear you will be away from technology so sending you many thanks,love and light now. Maria Richards

  • Kimberlay Kiernan
    February 27, 2019

    Amazing and absolutely on track for me, Vicki. Thanks and abundant blessings…

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