Your Energy Forecast for February 2021 – BIG Aquarius Stellium!


Hello Beautiful Soul,

I hope you’ll forgive me, but I’m only writing a quick summary for Your February 2021 Energy Forecast this month.

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If you haven’t seen my Energy Forecast for 2021, you might want to watch it to better understand how February fits into the bigger picture.

Or if you want to know how the astrological energies relate to your chakras and your sun, moon and rising sign, watch this.

Here’s your super summary: February is an extremely intense month energetically. It might be a bit challenging, but the upside of it is we’ll have lots of opportunities for growth.

The three biggest events are:

  1. Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius (Jan 30 – Feb 21)
  2. BIG Stellium in Aquarius/New Moon/Venus Conjunct Jupiter — all on February 11. It’s very “age of Aquarius.” We haven’t seen anything like this since 1962.
  3. The first of three Squares between Saturn and Uranus on February 17. This is only going to add fire to rebellious energies across the globe.

Watch the video above to discover what these important events mean for you. And if you want to jump to specific spots, here are the time stamps:

2:13 – Theme #1 3:11 – Theme #2 4:31 – Theme #3.

9:03 – JAN 30 – Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius 12:54 – FEB 1 – Venus Enters Aquarius 14:40 – FEB 11 – New Moon + STELLIUM in Aquarius 16:52 – FEB 11 – Venus Conjunct Jupiter 19:43 – FEB 13 – Mercury Conjunct Venus 20:34 – FEB 14 – OOPS > Mercury Conjunct JUPITER @ 13 Degrees Aquarius 21:29 – FEB 17 – Saturn square Uranus 25:26 – FEB 21 – Mercury Goes Direct in Aquarius 27:39 – FEB 27 – Full Moon in Virgo 28:02 – FEB 27 – Venus Quintile Chiron 30:55

Goddess Card #1 – (first half of the month) 33:55 – Goddess Card #2 – (second half of the month)

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Love and blessings,

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