Your Energy Forecast for 2021


Hello Beautiful Soul,

This week, I’m sharing an overview of the energies that will be influencing us in 2021.

I’m going to look at the astrology, numerology, chakra significance and major themes of the year.

I’m not attempting to cover everything, but rather to summarize and highlight the patterns I see that are going to affect us the most.

Here they are:

2021 is a “5”/Throat Chakra Year

2+0+2+1 = 5, which makes 2021 a “5” year numerologically. Chakra-wise, this means it’s going to be a year of throat chakra energy.

And yes, they DO mean the same thing. Both the number 5 and the throat chakra stand for: expression, innovation, authenticity, purpose, inspiration leadership, freedom and change. This is the place where we leave the mundane, 3D world behind and rise above space and time. This is where spells, magic and sci-fi rule. The throat chakra is the first of the “upper chakras” so this is the chakra of spiritual awakening and growth.

2020 was a “4” year. In numerology, 4 is known more for the root chakra than the heart as 4 is associated with the four directions of earth and the four corners of a building’s foundation. So 4 in a steady, reliable, conservative number.

And if you think about it, while Covid-19 DID majorly shake up 2020, it did so in a very plodding, consistent, root chakra way, The emphasis was on lock downs and limitations.

2021 is a different animal, because it’s a 5 year that’s ruled by the energy of Aquarius and the planet that rules it — Uranus. The hallmarks here are change, surprise and doing everything outside-the-box. And the emphasis is on freedom (the opposite of last year’s 4 energy).

BUT — and yes, I DID capitalize that BUT because it’s a big BUT. The “5” energy of this year is seriously tempered by…

Saturn Squares Uranus Three Times

Saturn, the planet that governs and limits us (that has played such a big role in the lockdowns of 2020) is directly opposing (squaring) Uranus, the planet of freedom, three different times in 2021: February 17, June 14 and December 24.

And when you allow for a wide orb of influence, these two opposites are basically squaring off for all of 2021. Saturn is all about rules, laws and limits, whereas Uranus is all about breaking out from rules and laws and living outside the box.

This could lead to outer revolution between the old hierarchical structures and the grassroots communities that want more equality. Expect more demonstrations. They’re par for this kind of year.

Inwardly, though, if navigated well, these two opposing energies could allow you to find a way to create more balance between old structures and new possibilities. Some examples of this balance would be: steady, sustainable change, radical temperance and honorable rebellion.

The Lunar Nodes (Sagittarius and Gemini) & the Eclipses

Another theme this year is our lunar node soul lesson. The lunar nodes change every 18-20 months and they’re always teaching us. The south node represents what we’re moving away from. And the north node represents what we’re moving toward.

Currently the south node is in Sagittarius and the north node is in Gemini — and these two will influence all of 2021 — finally completing their teaching on January 19, 2020 when the nodes will change Scorpio and Taurus.

In short, the move away from Sagittarius energy into more Gemini energy is a move away from old, unquestioned (typically inherited) beliefs and toward more curiosity, possibilities and consciously delving into different sources of information.

There are four eclipses in 2021 and three of them are in Sagittarius and Gemini. Additionally, the solar eclipse of December 14, 2020 was in Sagittarius. So the stars are definitely sending us to soul school!

Here are the eclipses and what I think they mean:

May 26 – Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – saying goodbye to old unhelpful beliefs.

June 10 – Solar Eclipse in Gemini – saying hello to curiosity and questioning all forms of information to feel into new options. Consciously choosing new beliefs that better serve you.

November 19 – Lunar eclipse in Taurus – this feels tied to releasing our attachment to physical currency. This may be the beginning of the end for physical cash. It may take a couple years to phase out, but it feels like digital and crypto currency may start to gain real mainstream legitimacy here.

December 4 – Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius – creating a whole new belief system that better serves us.

Mars and Venus Create New Chemistry

The whole fall of 2020 (Sept – Dec), I was obsessed with Mars and Venus and their shifting relationship. It seemed to me that Venus — the archetypal feminine — was finally getting the chance to shine and lead. If you want to view those videos, here’s my playlist for those reports on Youtube.

Now, in 2021, Mars and Venus are moving forward together better. There are no retrogrades for them this year. And in July, they’re going to have a lovely summer romance. On July 13, in the middle of the Leo season, these two are tightly conjunct in the romantic, fiery sign of Leo.

This will be a great time to feel your own masculine-feminine inner harmony. Or a beautiful opportunity to spend magnetic times with your “other half.” Or of course, you can do both.

Big Stellium in Aquarius with Other Cool Aspects

On February 11, there’s going to be a stellium in Aquarius. The date is fitting because Aquarius is the 11th sign in the zodiac.

Six planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn) will gather in the sign of Aquarius along with the feminine warrior asteroid, Pallas. This is a powerful stellium. It feels like an initiation into the new Age of Aquarius that was baptized on the Great Conjunction of December 21, 2020.

This stellium mimics one that happened in February 1962. And it feels to me like a it’s preparing us for the same kind of grassroots rebellion and pursuit of wilder, freer living that we saw in the early 60s. It’s as if this is the second wave of the Age of Aquarius. Looking back to the early 60s could give us a good idea of the consciousness that’s arising.

That’s it in a nutshell, Dear One. 2021 feels like a year of possibilities, tempered by the heavy influence of Saturn the limiter. They’re will probably be clashes between the old and the new — out in the world and also within our hearts and minds.

With Saturn and Uranus duking it out, hopefully, the changes we’ll choose to make won’t be rash or immature, but steady and sustainable.

And most importantly, they’ll be for the good of all — including our planet.

If you watch the video above, I end by drawing two oracle (mermaid) cards. The first one informs the first half of the year. And the second one sheds light on the last half of the year. I’m going to allow you to discover those on the video.


Much love and many blessings,

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