Heal Your Heart Chakra Inner Child (with Powerful Meditation)

Are you ready to meet your four year-old inner child and heal your heart chakra? Watch this video and create some sacred space to do the meditation at 7:11.

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Our foundational energies are set down in the first seven years of our life. In each of the first seven years of our lives, we energetically develop our root chakra (foundation) plus one of our other chakras.

Our energy literally spirals up our body, and initiates a chakra for each of the first seven years. There is a specific human need that we experience in each year from womb to seven. When these needs get met, the corresponding chakra tends to have an open set point. And if a chakra need doesn’t get met, that particular chakra tends have a more closed set point.

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In the video above, we’re healing your four year-old heart chakra inner child. This is the part of you that wants to love and be loved.

The “Chemistry” of Your Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras

Your heart chakra is the opposite of your solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra likes think, analyze, control, take action and focus on the differences between self and other. But the heart chakra likes to take love, feel, surrender, connect and focus on the similarities between self and other.

Basically, the solar plexus chakra is about staying independent, autonomous and true to yourself. And the heart chakra is about bonding and being interdependent. It’s the part of you that focuses on your need for touch, connection and heart-felt belonging.

These two chakras create the classic “opposites-attract” chemistry that allows us to experience individuation and deep connection.

Basic Need of the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra (and your inner four year-old) have a basic need to give and receive love.

What was it like when you were four? Was your environment loving? And peaceful? Did your caregivers love you? Did they engage in verbal and physical affection? Did model love for you?

Your heart chakra is the middle (balancing) energy center in your field. For this reason, it takes an exalted position. And that’s why LOVE is so important to us humans. It’s our relaxed, balance point.

In other words, it’s our essence.

There’s a great meditation in the video above that will connect you with your four year-old inner child (at 7:11). But please don’t skip over the intro because there’s lots of great guidance there for loving yourself more. And THAT may be the most important foundation for all “self-help” or transformational work/play. We are our own first source of approval and love.

I hope you enjoy the meditation. I love inner child healing. I think it’s never too late to go within and be a loving caregiver of the child within. It literally changes everything. Especially when it’s your heart chakra inner child!

May you have a week where you expand your capacity to both GIVE and RECEIVE love!

Love and blessings,

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