The Chakra Strengths (and Main Weakness) for Each Zodiac Sign


I love how the chakras overlap with all the “ologies” like numerology, astrology, physiology and more. So today, I’m sharing how your chakras are affected by your personal astrology.

In this video I reveal the two strongest chakras — and the one that will be most beneficial to boost — for each zodiac sign.

I suggest you look at this information from three different angles — that of your sun, moon and rising signs. So if you don’t know all three of those, use this free calculator to determine them.

Then listen to my reading for each one of the zodiac signs (video time stamps below).

For your rising sign, listen to learn more about your image or the first impression you show the world.

For your moon sign, listen to understand your emotional, “feminine” self. How do you react emotionally? How do you show up in your relationships? Keep in mind that your moon sign is often quite subconscious and not easy to see.

Your sun sign, on the other hand, is your conscious, waking self. It’s the you that you most likely know best. It represents how you show up in your day-to-day life. In other words, it relates to your “masculine” self.

The sun sign has largely been considered the most important sign in our very masculine culture. Personally, I feel the moon sign has even more to teach us in this feminine era.

In any case, all three are important and I think it’s beneficial to know their chakra correspondences.

You don’t even have to watch the whole video this time. Because I’m giving you the time stamps for each zodiac sign.

Still, it can be very illuminating to understand all the signs and how they relate to the chakras. Your loved ones have different zodiac “recipes.” Listening to all the signs can help you better understand not just yourself, but your friends and family.

I suggest you listen to the intro (a couple minutes) and the ending (another couple minutes), plus your moon, sun and rising signs.

Here are the time stamps:

2:27 – Aries 3:54 – Taurus 5:33 – Gemini 7:28 – Cancer 9:03 – Leo 10:34 – Virgo 11:49 – Libra 13:28 – Scorpio 15:32 – Sagittarius 17:47 – Capricorn 19:33 – Aquarius 21:27 – Pisces

Enjoy! And feel free to share your zodiac signs and “ahas” here on my youtube channel.

Much love and many blessings,

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