Your Energy Forecast for April 2020


Many astrologers are saying we have (finally!) officially left the old world of the age of Pisces and have moved into the promising new age of Aquarius. And as with all change, this transition has been ushered in by heartache and hardship.

More than ever right now, we’re being tested and guided to live from a deeper place. The energies of April are supporting us in forging a stronger relationship with our soul — and with each other — as the more superficial layers of our lives fall away.

In this video, I share:

Why the number 4 is so important this month and what it means

The 3 big themes that will guide you into more self-expansion in April

2 Goddess Cards for inspiration – 1 for the first half of the month and the other for the second half of the month

The month begins with fiery Aries energy still strong (since the Aries new moon March 24) and asking us to create, create, create. It can feel strange creating from a place of total mystery and not-knowing, but that’s when you bring your most pure creations into existence. The challenge of the current collective climate around the pandemic is to be led by your spirit rather than your ego.

In this video, I share how these new energies are inviting us all to:

Live a more soul-driven life

Create more authentic forms of connection

Truly LIVE in the moment (not just talk about it!)

And finally, if you watch to the end I draw two goddess cards that are really fun and illuminating.

I’m going do you the favor of leaving them unnamed here, so you can enjoy their revelation.

Since we are getting to know our deeper selves much better right now, you might want to make a vision board to communicate with your soul. I created a Feng Shui Vision Board Process that allows you to tap into your dreams in a balanced (Feng shui-ed) way. It’s an old series (from 2014!) and I feel a bit vulnerable sharing it, but using the bagua is still a great way to create a vision board that has depth. Here’s the series:

Create An Amazing Vision Board – Part 1

Create An Amazing Vision Board – Part 2

Create An Amazing Vision Board – Part 3

Create An Amazing Vision Board – Part 4

Thanks for traveling with me on this road of increasingly transparent transformation, Beautiful Soul. It’s leading us to places within ourselves (and as a collective) that are deeper, wider and higher.

Love and blessings,

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