How Chakra Work Can Make Your Relationship Better


Hello Beautiful Soul, This week I’m sharing some chakra insight into my favorite topic – relationships. 

Energy either attracts or repels. In this post, I’m going to share keys to creating more attraction (chemistry) with your mate. 

In the “olden days,” human’s lives were far more stable than they are now (because root chakra reigned then).  People often had the same job, home and mate for their entire life.

Because of that, there were a lot of puzzle piece relationships and they worked. By “puzzle piece relationship” I mean the kind where the parts of you that may not be very developed are your partner’s strengths – and vice versa.

This kind of “you complete me” relationship creates a lot of polarity. The downside is it is a relationship heavily based on need, because each partner has qualities the other hasn’t developed, so each person doesn’t feel whole or complete without the other.

The upside is that it creates incredible chemistry because the two partners fit so well together — like two interlocking puzzle pieces.

Humans basically operate energetically like magnets. If we come at each other with the same kind of energy – say active/positive — it’s like trying to put the positive side of two magnets together. You know what happens… they repel!

But turn one of those magnets over and suddenly, they’re irresistibly drawn to each other. You can’t keep them apart!

In this era, we’re all becoming more complete within ourselves and embracing both our masculine and feminine sides. And that is good overall. But it has wreaked havoc on the chemistry that natural occurs between a man and a woman. 

In the last 60 years we women have made gigantic strides in getting more equality. We now not only have the right to have a career and make our own money, but we’re expected to!

And men, who have been raised by these more liberated women (in the last 30-40 years) have been trained to honor the feminine more and to be more sensitive and aware.

I’m going to make a generalization here so please forgive me, because I really need to say it.

I would even say that women have been taught to mistrust their femininity and men have been raised to be suspicious of their strong, masculine, testosterone-driven qualities.

Because of this, woman often lead with their masculine energy, while often stifle theirs in favor of a softer, more feminine approach.

Since that is still polarized, you’d think it would create more chemistry, and it sometimes does. But since that kind of chemistry goes against the male and female hormonal make up, it is almost never long-lasting.

So what can we do?

We can become more fluid in our ability to “dance” with our partner chakra-wise!

A woman can choose to back off from her masculine chakra energies (root, solar plexus and throat) and drop into more of her delicious feminine (sacral, heart and third eye) when around her male partner.

And a man can do the same and step into more of his masculine when around his feminine partner.

When romantic partners do this, they can consciously create sexual and relational chemistry. And not out of need (because they actually have the other qualities in their repertoire), but out of a desire to play and dance with their beloved.

When chemistry and connection come not from need, but from conscious choice, they aren’t seeded in a fear of losing the other, since each partner has an energetic wholeness within themselves.

I call this healthier paradigm: “You complement me.”

Want to better understand how it works? Watch the video above.

And if you’re in a gay relationship (which I’m not), I’d love if you would comment and share your experience with polarity and chakras.

Thanks and big hugs!

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  • May 2, 2019


    Boy have you hit the nail on the head with this one 🙂 I, like you, have strong will and throat chakras and have been working on strengthening my base (which in the last 2 months has really improved! Thanks to your base chakra tattoos!) I chose to buy the sacral tatoos to do exactly what you are suggesting realizing I was doing it all and not letting others help… as I learn to “receive” and allow a softer feminine energy to come in, I hope to invite this dance into my life now. My last 3 relationships were repelling magnets toward the end and I now see exactly why, we have to be willing to embrace, take in and receive and learn to take and not give and do all the time or there can’t be a complementary balance with a partner. GOOD STUFF AND, AS ALWAYS, PERFECT TIMING!

    Linda, Moyock, NC

  • May 2, 2019

    yes I complement you Vicki on your beautiful honeysuckle aura…I guess my relationship is going well she definitely needs to trim her nails and lower the volume on the purring gotta love my puddy tat oh yes Chakras…I definitely understand these energies better since you have taught me lots but I’ll always remain a Rebel without a cause grrrrrrr…..ps don’t tell the Gang members….love all to pieces

  • Lynda
    May 2, 2019

    Very well stated!! I saw my mother frustrated being “just” a housewife in the fifties. Painfull for us all….worldwide. Women’s lib came along when l was a mom of two. I happened to mostly like my parenting job, with the added compliments from my old, now wiser father who understood the value of what women contributed to the culture when they were appreciated and happy mothers: healthy and happy future citizens!

    Women’s lib, for me would have been women equal in VALUE to the culture as men and set up to have retirement and after children equal job opportunities, just like a man experienced in a job who is perhaps changed to another job.

    Our culture is in great need of kindness, softness, nurturing, commarardarie, humor…All the feminine aspects of a woman…….and that are VALUED the same as the natural tostesterone abilities of men.

  • Vicki
    May 9, 2019

    Yes, Lynda, absolutely hon. Thanks for sharing. xoxo, Vicki

  • Vicki
    May 9, 2019

    Thanks Linda. Good for you for finding more balance. Enjoy those sacral tattoos — and your full feminine embodiment, sweetie. xoxo, Vicki

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