How to Use Aura Imaging to Assess and Shift Your Chakras


This week, I have a special treat — a video showing you how to work with your aura and chakras on an Aura Video Station.

I recently visited my friend, Vatika, who owns Crystal Castle here in Sedona and she took me on a fun, informative journey of how to work with aura bio-feedback to better understand and learn how to shift your chakras.

Watch the video above and discover:

  • What Kirilian photography is
  • What it means when a chakra turns pure white on an aura video
  • The meaning of vertical ‘stripes’ of color on an aura image
  • How long a aura video image should be without change before it is considered ‘stable’
  • How the Tesla-inspired V.I.B.E. machine works
  • My and Vatika’s before-and-after aura pics with the V.I.B.E. healing machine (Yes, there WAS a noticeable difference!)
  • And more…

Vatika and I are both chakra/aura geeks, so if you are too, you’re going to love this little aura tour.


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  • Kasia
    May 10, 2019

    Wow Vicki, what a great video, thank you 😊. I really enjoyed watching, it was fascinating. I would love to visit Vatika’s shop one day and try it out for myself. Thank you once more! xx

  • Nancy
    May 11, 2019

    That VIBE Machine is a work of art!
    Fascinating video, thank you!

  • May 12, 2019


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