Your Energy Forecast for May 2019: What’s Coming Up


Hello Beautiful Soul, Are you ready to bring more grounding and depth into your life? The action-oriented, fire energy of this “3” numerological year is certainly going to continue to propel us forward in May.

But the new moon in Taurus (May 4 at 3:45 pm Pacific) and the full moon in Scorpio (May 18 at 2:11 pm Pacific) are going to add some much needed gravitas that will slow us down just enough to make our actions more grounded and meaningful (yayyy, right?).

My guides have given me two different images for the upcoming month and holding onto them may help your subconscious to fully embrace the possibilities in the weeks ahead.

The first image is tied directly into the astrology of the new moon that is taking place on May 4. I was shown a bull for the Taurean new moon, which is not surprising because Taurus IS the bull. But the key is the WAY the bull I was shown was acting.

For the first half of May, we want to act like a bull that is big-hearted, doe-eyed and relaxed, just hanging out in a bucolic pasture. In other words, it’s a good time to just sit and chew on the grass and enjoy the sun on our backs. We can hang out alone — or with the other bulls — it doesn’t really matter. The key is that our relationship to ourselves is: grounded, relaxed, connected to nature and very sensual (in the literal sense of experiencing all of our senses).

Yes, it’s time to slow down the forward momentum just a bit and “smell the flowers.”

And more importantly, it’s NOT time to allow the fiery “3” energy of 2019 and the strong cardinal energies of this month to turn us into bulls in a china shop. Yes, frustrations may arise. If they do, take some alone time to breathe through them. Get out in nature. Experience the sense-related pleasures of just being alive.

Watch the video above to discover some good questions you can ask yourself on May 4 to help set new (Taurean-based) intentions for the rest of the month (and next six months).

For the second half of May, I was shown the symbol of a very special submarine — a mystical magical one that actually flies!

Because after we find our loving and steady, nature-connected bull energy in the first half of the month, we’re ready to go both deeper and higher. The Scorpio full moon on May 18 is going to usher in a time of asking us to look at anything we’ve been sweeping under the rug and to let our expanded vision take us higher.

For me, it feels like a fruitful and balanced month with the triangular energies of fire (the year), earth (the new moon) and water (the full moon). Watch the video to discover what chakras are most related to this month’s energies as well.

So what are you going to do (and how are you going to be) to make the most of May, Dear One?

I invite you to put some time aside around the official time of the new moon (3:45 pm Pacific) to light a candle and set a heartfelt intention (or two). Intentions are the way we focus our imagination and dance with the Divine.

Much love and many blessings,

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