Balance Your Second Chakra With 5 Transformational Powerful Questions (TPQs)

Welcome to my second video article about using powerful questions (instead of affirmations) to boost and balance your chakras. Today, we are working with your second chakra — which resides in your pelvis. It’s called your sacral chakra and it is the home of your divine feminine where you experience your sensuality, creativity, ease and flow. The color of this chakra is orange and it’s element is water, so it’s mutable and always changing. If you feel stuck in your life, boosting your sacral chakra can help you quickly get unstuck. This chakra also governs your ability to be intimate and to feel the full range of your emotions, and it’s also where your playful child-self lives. This means it allows you to be playful and live with more joy.

The reason I use Transformational Power Questions for shifting is because I have found that affirmations (the most popular option) are often counter-productive. They engage your powerful subconscious mind in a negative (talk back) kind of way. For instance, if you don’t feel sexy, and therefore practice saying the affirmation “I am sexy,” when you say it, there’s a very good chance your subconscious mind is talking back to you saying “No you’re not,” “You’re awkward,you’re stiff, nobody has ever said you’re sexy” and other negative comments like that.

Not very productive.

But Transformational Power Questions (TPQs) engage the subconscious mind in a really active and positive way.

When you say “Why am I so sexy?” or even better, it’s progressive version, “Why am I getting sexier all the time?” your subconscious mind actually gets curious and tries to answer the question. “Hmmmm, well I’m getting sexier because I’m paying more attention to it, because I’m doing sacral chakra exercises, because I’m becoming more playful, because…”

You get the picture. It’s a positive process that is taking place at the most powerful mind level — in the subconscious mind.

In my experience, TPQs work like gangbusters. But you must practice them regularly. So if you want to boost your divine feminine write down the TPQs suggested and put them all over the place to remind you to keep focusing on them.

Get ready to have way more ease, flow, creativity, joy, sensuality and feminine Va-Voom (and for you men, this will help you connect with your woman on a deeper, more intimate level).

Transformational Power Questions To Boost Your Sacral Chakra

1. Why do I have so much fun? (Progressive Version: Why am I having more fun all the time?)

2. Why do I feel so sensual? (Progressive Version: Why do I feel sexier and more delicious in my body every day?)

3. Why am I such an amazing creator? (Progressive Version: Why am I continually getting more creative?)

4. Why does everything flow so easily for me? (Progressive Version: Why do I have more ease and flow every day?)

5. Why am I so in touch with my emotions? (Progressive Version: Why am I getting more and more in touch with my emotions?)

That last one is not on the video. It’s a little bonus TPQ for you, because you took the time to read this article. The second chakra is the place where we honor and experience the full range of our emotions, and what a powerful thing that is!

If you want to experience more of your delicious, divine feminine, remember to ask yourself these TPQs every single day. And you may also want to check out my Sacral Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoo. It is based on the Words-on-Water research of Dr. Masaru Emoto, and it works directly with your body’s energy, shifting things at the energetic and cellular levels.

Please comment here or visit my Facebook page to let me know how this process works for you.

To your radiant unfolding and expansion!


2 thoughts on “Balance Your Second Chakra With 5 Transformational Powerful Questions (TPQs)”

  1. Wonderful exercise! Thank you so much…I realize I do this every once in a while just naturally, and now I see that I can and should do this regularly. 🙂

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