Balance Your First Chakra With TPQs — They’re Better Than Affirmations (Video)

It’s important to be “living” in all of your chakras. Each one relates to a different area of your life, so if you want to have a well-rounded life where you feel happy not just in work, but in play, in love, in family-life, in spirit and more, then you need to boost and balance ALL of your chakras.

Here are the basic life areas that relate to each chakra:

Root Chakra: Work, Money, Home, Safety & Security, Survival, Tribe/Family, Overall Health & Vitality, Foundation, Organization, Simplification, Masculine Sexuality (drive to possess and procreate)

Sacral Chakra: Play, Sensuality, Creativity, Emotions, Ease, Joy, Flow, Fertility, Feminine Sexuality (feminine desire for intimacy and connection)

Solar Plexus Chakra: Personal Power, Confidence, Motivation, Action-Taking Ability, Personal Identity, Mental Clarity, Decision Making

Heart Chakra: Love, Compassion, Empathy, Kindness, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Healing

Throat Chakra: Personal Expression & Truth, Honesty (literal), Life Purpose, Inspiring Leadership

Brow Chakra: Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Imagination, Visualization, Appreciation for Beauty (inner & outer)

Crown Chakra: Consciousness, Awareness, Connection to Spirit (All That Is)

Every area of your life relates to one of these chakras, because your chakras are the blueprint for your entire life.

So, if you want to improve a particular area of your life, you can work on it from its energetic base by doing chakra boosting and balancing in that particular chakra. It makes sense, doesn’t it? You don’t pull a weed out by cutting off it’s at top, but rather by pulling it out from down deep at it’s roots. If you want to make a lasting change in your life, you have to start at the energetic root of the issue as well – and that is in your energetic field, in your chakras.

Want to be more financially sound? Do root chakra work. Want to be more creative? Play in your sacral chakra. Want to stop procrastinating so much and move ahead? Focus on your solar plexus chakra, and so on.

Over the last few decades, more and more people have started doing affirmations to help them boost different areas of their psyche and life.

If they want more money, they just repeat a mantra like: “I am rich” or “I am abundant.” If it’s more personal power they want, they may say, “I am powerful.”

Now, this truly works for many people, especially for people who don’t have a lot of shadow (strong aspects of self that still lie beneath the conscious mind) or a lot of self-doubt.

I have found though, as a life coach, that for many people – especially those with a lot of unexplored shadow and/or a “loud” subconscious voice – doing affirmations is actually counterproductive.

Yes, counterproductive. This means, not only are they not helpful, but they may actually cause regression in the area where you’re using them.

Here’s Why.

Every time someone doubtful says ONE affirmation, like “I am rich,” their subconscious mind negates it a dozen times with statements like, “No you’re not,” “Who are you kidding,” “Ha, you can’t even pay your rent on time!” and similar put downs.

This is a problem. Not just because every single affirmation triggers multiple negations, but also because the subconscious mind is actually more powerful than the conscious mind.

It is.

This is a daunting thing for most of us to hear in this age of awareness, especially for those of us who are really working to be more conscious. But the truth is, most estimates approximate that your subconscious mind is in control of about 85% of your life’s decisions, while your conscious mind is responsible for only about 15%. Even if that estimate is an exaggeration, your subconscious mind is definitely still running the show (humbling, I know).

You can experience this first hand if you simply listen in really closely to your own inner dialogue. Say an affirmation that you find hard to believe, and then listen closely for any inner back talk.

Now, please don’t lament if you find that you’re one of the ones that can’t use affirmations effectively, because I have a much more powerful alternative you can use. It has all the positivity of affirmations, without any of the subconscious negation. AND it also engages the subconscious mind; inviting it to be creative and pro-active.

Here’s the simple solution: turn your affirmations into (why) questions.

I used to call these affirmative questions “Empowering Questions, “ but then I found that someone actually owned that term (I know, hard to believe), so I renamed this tool “Transformational Power Questions” or TPQs.

TPQs are super easy to create.

Here are the steps:

1. Think of something you want to change (ie, be more patient)
2. Write an affirmation: I am patient.
3. Turn it into a Why question: Why am I so patient?
4. Make it progressive: Why am I becoming more and more patient?

That’s all there is too it.

Now, ask that TPQ several times throughout the day – especially when you wake up and before you go to bed.

Your subconscious mind will soon start offering up answers to your TPQs. It doesn’t need to in order to work, but I find with my clients, that is naturally does.

For instance, you may ask yourself, “why am I becoming more and more patient?” And get answers like:

Because it matters to me
Because I’m more calm
Because I’m choosing to be
Because I’m compassionate

And so on.

The video above offers you several TPQs that will boost and balance your first chakra – and improve areas of your life such as finances, health, organization and security.

Pick one or two that resonate with you and ask them repeatedly this week, and then next week, we’ll boost and balance your second chakra.

And of course, this week as you practice your first chakra TPQs, you may also want to wear my lovely first chakra healing tattoos. Feel free to grab some at Buy-One-Get-One 50% with this coupon code: FriendDiscount

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Love and blessings,


10 thoughts on “Balance Your First Chakra With TPQs — They’re Better Than Affirmations (Video)”

  1. Kimberlay Kiernan

    Great alternative. I actually have my clients carry a piece of petrified wood in their pockets and feel it/stroke it as they focus on the dark red roots extending from the base of their spine and the soles of their feet into the deep dark rich brown soil of the earth. 3 times a day. For manifestation. !

  2. Thank you Vicki, i have watched your yoga for individual chakras and use them, It was about mid way through last year that I received an email about those, i love them. I just wanted to let you know that I have just watched the video about tpq’s for the root chakra and I can tell they will help me, I have noticed ‘things’ in my life changing, getting easier or getting the things that I am wanting and I’m not sure how or why that is, all i am is extremely grateful and feel affirmed that I am doing the right things ie meditation, prayer, yoga, qigong, listening to and learning from people such as yourself… i feel the tpq’s you speak of will be helpful for me because when I notice things improving or appearing as going backwards in my life, Iam thankful that 1. I notice it and 2. I don’t then know what to think and the monkey mind comes in, for example, if my finances are improving, then the mind will say ‘you better watch out or this negative thing may happen’, in relationships – i’ll hav a negative experience and the mind will say ‘see they’ll never change’ Your tpq’s give me a place to go to now, to ask the right question instead of thinking umm and the monkey mind has space and all sorts of negative comes up…. this is exciting for me…thank you again. love and light.

  3. That’s so awesome, Coline! Yes, asking questions that lead in the right direction is such a nice way to keep that “monkey mind” engaged, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing honey. Why are you expanding more and more? Love and blessings, Vicki

  4. Vicki,I love the idea of asking questions when using affirmations. I also really like this tool when working with the chakras. I am a color therapist and know the power of color. What you have offered is such a great addition. Many blessings on your work!

  5. youre partly wrong miss

    The statement you brought up about how with affirmations that theyre not true is because YOU are assuming that theyre really broke or whatever

    Affirmations are suppose to put you in a state of mind that you should change your thinking where you visualize that you are in that position of wealth and abundance and alignment etc

    Most entrepreneurs and personal growth masters agree with that

    Napolean Hill and Earl Nightingale and Tony Robbins and Les Brown and Zig Ziglar etc all seen it work

    Its upto the person to find the ways to get to their goals and dreams

  6. Hi Alan, Thanks for weighing in. I know what affirmations are supposed to do and I know that they work for some people. But I’m also aware that people who have a weak solar plexus (and that’s a lot of people in the spiritual world), can get negative responses from their unconscious mind when they do affirmations. If affirmations work for you, use them. I believe all tools have value. I just think we’ve overlooked some of the common negative side effects of affirmations on some types of people. Blessings, Vicki

  7. I like this idea of asking ourselves questions, but it seems as though my answers are based on my experiences. Such as, Question: Why am I improving self respect? Answer: Because you’re working on mediation to improve self worth.

    When I ask some other questions, the answers come in for form of, “because you’re not working on it,” or “you just don’t feel good enough about yourself.”

    I feel all answers are honest, so I do not know how the questions are helping to guide me to a more improved chakra. It jest seems as though I’m just answering them, perhaps it will help me to realize the truth, perhaps reinforce what is already working, and maybe this will enable me to be more authentic within the chakra, but is that what this is about? Just asking ourselves questions and answering them, thus giving us the answer to our personal journey of where we are at which would indicate what needs to be worked on or to realize where our strengths are?

    Either way, I think it’s so simple to just ask ourselves questions, I love it. Any advice or if you can address my concerns above? I just want to make sure I’m not lost here with what this is ultimately supposed to be doing or helping us with.


  8. The answers aren’t important, Tony. Many of them are well below your radar in your deep, unconscious mind. Only the questions are important. So just do the TPQs and let your unconscious do the rest. xoxo

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