Aquarius New Moon Invites You To Practice Loving Non-Attachment


bekah finch turnerAquarius New Moon ~ Tuesday January 20, 2015 @ 5:14 am PST

One of the key words used for describing Aquarius, fixed air, is detached. Detachment, or non-attachment, is also a primary spiritual teaching in many traditions, including yoga and Buddhism. As someone with an Aries moon, known for it’s intense passion and focus, this idea has often confused me. Usually, anything I let go of has “claw marks” in it, a metaphor that illustrates an unwillingness to surrender until forced to.

As I have progressed on my path and danced both with Aquarian energy and yogic teachings, I understand that detachment does not have to mean something ends or ends badly, it means we are taking our “claws” off the outcome and that which we cannot control, which is pretty much everything except our own reactions and actions.

This is an interesting lesson following the Capricorn cycle which encourages us to lay a foundation of goals or intent. Often we get so set on what we want and how soon we want it that we start to forget we are not in charge of other people or how things unfold. Aquarius comes in next to remind us of this and to return us to a higher consciousness, one that acts because it is the right and true thing and trusts that results will come when and how they serve the greater good.
My Aries moon does not like this. My Aries moon wants everything to happen my way and in my time and now. For me, and constitutions like mine, Aquarius and ruling planet, the lightning bolt, Uranus, are a humbling pair indeed. I now try to honor and acknowledge my desire to make things happen during this cycle and a little more gently with myself, start to detach from the future and past. Uranus knows the future is constantly changing and like it’s signature flash of sky fire, all it takes is a second for everything in our life to flip.

As the new cycle begins, carrying with it Imbolc, the mid-winter celebration of first milk, and the Chinese new year (Sheep!) the message for me is to explore detachment and do it with love. That phrase has become nearly cliche in some circles, “detach with love,” but it is a powerful practice. It requires us to be present, not in the past or future and to keep our eyes on our selves and our dharma, or life path. It asks kindness and compassion for self and others and a willingness to let go as often as possible.

Detachment used to feel like the cold, aloof practices of hard-hearted old boyfriends or the ability of an enlightened sage, but it is actually something available for us all and can be done with a higher intention, an unconditional love. It is a love that truly wants the best for all beings and knows that we are not in charge of anyone but ourselves. Our task is to continue seeking our truest truth, our most authentic self, and let Uranus awaken the rest. There is a reason new agers put so much stock in the “Age of Aquarius,” it is an era that is aligned with universal consciousness, evolution, compassion and this powerful skill of detaching from the smaller picture to start to see the bigger one.

Loving non-attachment can be practiced by keeping our thoughts in the present, limiting the news or media we bring into our brain, being vigilant about the company we keep and time we spend. Spend the next month exploring this idea and continually using a prayer or mantra like “Thy will be done.” Or simply chanting “Om” to align with the highest vibration.

There are so many crazy things happening around us that want to suck us in, that want us to engage all of our heart, soul and energy. Some of these endeavors are worthwhile, but how can we know unless we take a step back from this new year madness and really discern what does require our attention?
May the cycle, season and new year ahead grant us the ability to let go of what no longer serves, what is not worthy of our energy and support us in seeing our truth and what loving steps we need to take for living the highest good.

Many Blessings,


Bekah Finch Turner a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com.


  • January 18, 2015

    I loved this new moon non-attachment piece of Bekah’s! It made me remember an awareness and phrase Joseph Goldstein came to and used once in a Dharma talk, “non clinging doesn’t care what it doesn’t cling to.” This is the compassionate Mahayana Middle Way, and Bekah’s Aquarian Uranus New Moon description personifies this! Thank you, Bekah and Vicki!

  • Vicki
    January 21, 2015

    Thanks for the quote Katie! xoox, Vicki

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