Balance Your Fifth Chakra With This F-Word


This week’s F-Word balances your fifth chakra in the area of your throat, which is a masculine chakra. It’s closely connected to your solar plexus chakra of confidence, courage and action, and has a penetrative quality just like the third. When strong, it doesn’t “beat around the bush” or “hem and haw.” It gets right to the point.

For this reason, our F-word for the throat chakra is Forthright.

It’s is all about true self-expression. Your throat center represents your “voice,” the sound of it, as well as what and how you choose to communicate. It invites you to tap into a clear sense of your authentic self before you communicate, and then to communicate with clarity and power.

At any moment, any one of us can communicate anything we want. The fifth chakra invites us to choose carefully what we want to express and then to do so in a direct and empowered way. It’s the first of the “upper” chakras, and its official name in sanskrit is “Visuddha” which means purity.

I think it’s helpful to think of your throat chakra as a sort of filter – metaphorically and literally.  Look at your whole body in a floor-length mirror and notice how your neck is the narrowest point. You may want to think of your lower body and chakras as a four-lane highway, and your fifth chakra as the spot where that four-lane highway gets narrowed down into a single lane.

In other words, not all the “traffic” gets through. For this reason, the throat chakra is the center of personal truth. It’s also the chakra of life purpose, because when you communicate clearly and honestly, you get funneled more and more toward your true life path.

Imagine you’re at a job interview and the interviewer asks you if you like to work with numbers. Let’s say you hate working with numbers, but because you really want a job, you answer dishonestly and say that you do.

Your true path, your destiny lies in the opposite direction of this kind of number-crunching job, but because you answered out of fear rather than truth, you get the job and are soon showing up every day to a job you hate. If you choose instead to always be forthright and speak your truth, your reality will begin to reflect who you really are. It won’t have any other choice!

Because the fifth chakra is masculine, though, it can come off a little sharp at times. So speak your truth and be forthright, but make sure to move your communication through your heart chakra first so you can express your truth while still being caring and respectful toward others.

So what is your truth? I challenge you to monitor your communications this week and to choose to be more forthright in every moment. Rather than respond with a cliché, check in and see what is real for you and express that. If you do it consistently enough, you’ll find that you can’t help but shape a life you love.

Here’s to speaking (writing, singing) your truth! And remember, you can wear the blue throat chakra symbol right on the back of your neck for a boost of fifth chakra energy with my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™.

Love and blessings,



  • Zora
    December 14, 2013

    Hi Vicki – just wanted to say how much I enjoy your “F-word” for each chakra! I happen to totally agree with your choices, and they resonate with me totally. In fact, I am beginning to use them in my regular chakra-opening routines, and they REALLY help me to focus more.

    So, thanks again, and have a blessed, happy, healthy, joyful Christmas season!


  • Vicki
    December 14, 2013

    That’s so great to hear, Zora! Yes, using a mnemonic device helps, doesn’t it? Makes it simple. And we like simple :-). Also, if you haven’t already, check out this great (simple) color-coded chakra chart I made. http://www.chakraboosters.com/color-coded-chakra-chart Happy Holidays! Much love, Vicki

  • christianne
    December 14, 2013

    Being forthright, a transformative practice!!!
    Thank you Vicki.:-)

  • Vicki
    December 22, 2013

    Hi Christianne, Yes, TRUTH is healing. Sometimes it really shakes things up, but then everything always settles into its rightful place. Thanks for commenting. Love and blessings, Vicki

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