Here’s Your F-Word For Balancing Your Heart Chakra


This week, I’m going to share the best F-Word for balancing your heart chakra. I could choose the word faith. But while faith is a very powerful positive characteristic of the fourth chakra, it isn’t numero uno. That honor unequivocally goes to this F-Word: forgiveness.

The heart chakra is all about compassion and connection. It’s the home of that all-permeating, healing energy we call love. Unfortunately, we use the word “love” in so many different contexts in our culture that it can be truly confusing. In this healing context, I am referring to love as a powerful, pervasive energy that connects to others in a positive, life-affirming way. It is unconditional and all-encompassing. It’s not connected to any thought or judgement, but rather it’s just a feeling of positive, healing connection to another being.

The thing that opens the heart chakra most is loving connection. And conversely, the thing that closes the heart most is the kind of judgment that gets in the way of this connection. When someone does something we don’t like, we may feel hurt. To protect ourselves we may then judge what they did as wrong and decide on some level to not forgive them — lest they hurt us again.

Unfortunately, the choice to not forgive creates a pain in the person who is unwilling to forgive. When we choose not to forgive someone, it can seem like we are doing something to them, like it’s some sort of retribution for the pain we feel they put us through. But the truth is, we are hurting ourselves by blocking our heart energy.

So the healing energy of the heart is forgiveness — which is totally different from forgetfulness. When you forgive someone, you don’t have to forget what happened. Your life experiences are your teachers. You can take each one and make wiser future choices. That way, the set backs and painful things in your life serve a positive purpose. When you forgive someone, you’re not giving them permission to do the same thing again. In fact, you may not even choose to have the same type of relationship with them. You’re simply choosing to let go of your righteousness and to release that tight knot of energy in your heart.

On the most basic level, true forgiveness is simply the acknowledgement that every single human being makes mistakes — you, me, everyone. And each one of is us is basically doing our best at any given moment. When we get real honest about our own fallibility and can fully forgive ourself, it becomes much easier to forgive others and to create an accepting, healing energy of love that benefits everyone.

Hardened judgements create barriers. Forgiveness busts through those barriers, and brings us back to connectivity and love.

The best tool I know for stepping into the energy of forgiveness is the Hawaiian practice of Ho’Oponopono. It’s very simple and profoundly powerful. Done on a regular basis, it will keep your heart energy open and expansive.

Here’s a Ho’Oponopono meditation I created that you can do right now:

May your heart expand through your commitment to forgive!

Love and blessings,





  • September 11, 2015

    Thank you Vicki for this reminder. I love the Ho’Oponopono and haven’t said it for a while. A timely reminder, methinks.

  • Shoji
    November 25, 2016

    There is similar one in Kundalini yoga which I used taking class… The remote healing to love one.
    Thank you!!

  • ruth
    July 2, 2017

    One word (Amazing)

  • Vicki
    July 11, 2017

    Thanks Ruth! xoxo, V-

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