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bekah finch turner moon astrologyFull Moon in Gemini ~ December 17, 2014 ~ 1:28 am PST

As Winter Solstice approaches, it is hard not to think about one’s concept of “magic.” Whether triggered by images of elves, flying reindeer, an incredibly generous bearded man, the sight of glistening, pure snow, the smell of pine and cider or simply the spirit of giving, it is hard not to feel a tug towards something bigger, better and more powerful than what we experience during the rest of the year.

The sun lingers in Sagittarius as the full moon waxes in the sky. The partnership between adventurous, fiery Sagittarius and curious, airy Gemini is a union that can encourage a cultivation of the mystical.

I love magic and magical thinking. I love magic stories and movies and I love people who love magic. The word itself has a few definitions, depending on who you ask, but for me, Magic has always been about awareness of the subtle and extraordinary energies in nature and the universe and an ability to tune into and harness the energy of both. It is also a word I reserve for those events or happenings that are inexplicable and transformative. Magic and miracles often go hand in hand in my book.

Yet I do think we can be active participants in magic. There are many people who are considered more magical then others. In my experience, though, while certain people do seem more in tune or passionate about working with magics, we are all capable of experiencing and exploring the underlying powers that be in all situations.

The moon cycles are a way that anyone can begin to notice and harness the subtle and extraordinary energies. It is magical to watch the moon wax and wane and to feel the affects that has on our dreams, moods and interactions. The seasons are also easy ways to begin to observe and connect with the shifts of light and dark, growth and decay.

This full moon is just 4 days before winter solstice, the longest night of the year. It is a perfect time to begin to celebrate and sense the magic of the cycle and season. Sagittarius invited us to warm up from the inside out by cultivating our passions and filling up with adventure, excitement, travel and loved ones. Gemini full moon enters center stage just before Winter and Capricorn take the seasonal reigns, and to me, this is a huge opportunity to balance mind and spirit, science and art and invoke the magical energies of the moment. Gemini can be way too intellectual, getting caught up in the black and white, the dualities and paradigms, she is represented by mutable air. But when paired with mythological, philosophical Sagittarius, Gemini can turn her keen and penetrating mind on to other things. She can sense the subtleties and extraordinaries and not only can she fully immerse herself but she is also capable of guiding others into the magical realms with her talents of speaking, writing, singing and all around communicating.

Wherever you find yourself in this holiday cycle, we can all use a little magic. Look to the full moon for her wisdom, watch your favorite fantasy movie, read your favorite magical story to a child or pet. Go for a walk in the moonlight, bundled as you need to be, and see if you sense the subtle and extraordinary energies that surround your winter wonderland. Look at your current relationship to magic, and see if Gemini can help you define it for yourself, in a way that brings it to life and inspires your spirit and opens your mind. Solstice will bring the return of the sun (still a magical event in my mind) and Capricorn will start us towards our new goals for a new year, but in these last few weeks of the Sagittarius cycle, let’s all invoke magical thinking and being. Can you see the world, and your life, as magic? Can you be someone who is filled with and can share magic? Can we all believe, just a bit more in the supernatural beauty of the world? Can we all, in our own way, make magic?

I hope you answered yes to the above and I hope the full moon, winter solstice and your family holidays fill your heart and soul with all that is wonderful, miraculous and magical.

Many, many blessings,


Bekah Finch Turner is a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com

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