These 6 Animals Will Boost Your Intuition & ESP


Video Source: Chakra Boosters Youtube Channel

Want to boost your intuition? Good! Because in my series on “Animals That Boost Each Chakra,” we’re now up to your 6th chakra, which is also know as the brow chakra or the 3rd eye.

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The sixth (3rd eye) chakra that resides in the middle of your forehead is all about intuition, imagination, psychic abilities, appreciation of beauty, balanced perspective and connection to your Higher Self.

It’s the highest feminine chakra, so it’s quite powerful. And you can tap into it’s energy more when you connect with these 6 animals:

6 Animals That Boost Your 3rd-Eye Chakra Energy

  1. Garuda Eagle (Hindu)
  2. Peacock
  3. Dolphin
  4. Butterfly
  5. Indigo Bunting
  6. Cobra

Pick one or two animals from the list that you can relate to and focus on their energy. You can put up a picture, do visualizations, or perhaps, experience them in real life!

Simply call them in and ask them to bless your 3rd-eye. Animals are a really quick, fun and easy way to tap into the different energies of each chakra.

If YOUR favorite 3rd-eye animal is not on my list, feel free to share yours below — or on my youtube channel here.

Thanks and enjoy!

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