These Animals Will Boost Your Root Chakra for More Grounding and Stability

In this week’s video, I show you how to tap into a great chakra healing resource – animals! When we are little, we all love animals. We may revere some, fear some, and want to cuddle up with others. But the fact remains, kids love animals, because they represent all the different possibilities within.

Who doesn’t want to be as cunning as a fox, loving as a dog, confident as a lion and wise as an owl?

And animals don’t know how to put on a façade, so they teach us to be more authentic and true to our nature.

The video above is the first of a series I’m doing where I walk you through the best animals for boosting and balancing each chakra. And of course, I start with the root.

Your root chakra is your first – and most foundational – chakra. It’s located in your tailbone and governs your legs and feet, which makes it your lowest chakra. It’s red, dense, slow and related to the element of earth, which means it helps you to be steady, stable, strong and enduring. When balanced, the root chakra gives you vibrant health, good finances and work ethic, and a satisfying home and family life. It also makes you feel safe and secure and allows you to be grounded, organized, patient and loyal.

So what animals are related to the root? According to the Hindu religion (which is closely associated with yoga and the chakras), the primary root chakra animal is the elephant.

The elephant is heavy (dense), slow and very stable. And the famous saying, “an elephant never forgets” is perfect here, because the root chakra is the energy center of memories. The root chakra is related to repetition and habit.

Imagine being an elephant – or even riding on one. Feel how big, strong, stable and steady you would feel. Just feeling THAT boosts your root chakra. Now, let’s look at some more animals that help you experience your root chakra.

Good Root Chakra Boosting Animals

  1. Elephant – Slow, steady, heavy, good memory
  2. Tortoise – Slow, steady, enduring, wears a protective shell
  3. Skunk – Low, smelly (root related to sense of smell), protects self with scent
  4. Porcupine – Low, protects self with quills
  5. Mole – Lives in the earth, underground
  6. Ox or Bull – Big, strong, stable (interesting that the bull chases a red flag in fights)
  7. Hippo – Big, strong, stable, steady
  8. Bear – although I forgot to mention this one on my video, it deserves to be here, since root is about sleep as well a strength, and this one is the hibernation king.

This of course, is just a partial list. Feel free to add any other animals that conjure up root chakra qualities for you by commenting below or here on my youtube channel.

And for our homeplay this week (which I more fun than homework), choose a root chakra animal to focus on, and engage with that animal in any way you can. You can cut out pictures of your animal and put them up around your home or car, or bring your animal into your daily meditation practice, or just close your eyes throughout your day and feel this animal in your root chakra.

Try it right now, and you’re probably going to notice that you immediately feel more stable and grounded.

Animal energy is powerful!!

So make the most of it, dear one, and I’ll see you on the next video!

Much love and many blessings,


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