7 Animals That Open and Heal Your Throat Chakra


Video Source: Chakra Boosters Youtube Channel

If you’ve been following my series on animals that boost and balance your chakras, then you know that animals are a great way to shift our energy. Kids love animals for a very good reason – because they are so pure in their energy and they represent all the different types of energies that exist within us.

From the proud fire of the big cat family to the sturdy strength of the bear or bull to the playful demeanor of the otter, or the elegant grace of the deer, animals show us how to truly live in our different chakras.

In this video, I name some great animals for tapping into your throat chakra. You can interact with these animals in life, or stories, or your dreams. They can also be one of your spirit guides.

If you haven’t yet seen my videos for the other chakra animals, here they are:

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The fifth chakra energy center that resides in the middle of your throat is related to authentic self-expression, honesty, inspirational communication, personal growth and living your highest life’s purpose.

If you want more of any of those qualities in your life, you’ll want to tap into the energy of these seven animals.

7 Animals That Boost Your Throat Chakra Energy

  1. White Elephant (Hindu)
  2. Blue-Throated Hummingbird
  3. Butterfly
  4. Wolf
  5. Birds – especially blue birds and jays
  6. Whale – especially the blue whale
  7. Giraffe

Pick one to focus on and appreciate, and feel your throat chakra energy expand!

Love and blessings,


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