4 Things People Feel When They Wear My Root Tattoo

When I got a REAL root chakra tattoo on my tailbone, it was an incredible, physical release. The moment the tattoo artist, Siva (“God” in Sanskrit) put the stencil of the muladhara tattoo on my tailbone, energy shot down both my legs. Tears suddenly gushed down my cheeks. These were not emotional tears, as they came so quickly I had no time to really think about or “feel” anything.

The experience totally surprised me. I thought I would probably feel something. But what happened was way more intense than I had anticipated.

I think a few things combined to create a maximum physical effect.

These were:

~ the extreme nature of my root chakra blockage

~ my hyper sensitivity to energy

~ the sacredness and intent of my tattoo “ritual” with Siva

~ the powerful vortex energy of Sedona, Arizona (world-renowned energy spot where I got it)

Photo from client, Marissa McKale (USA)
Photo from client, Marissa McKale (USA)

Now, my clients who have never tried my tattoos, sometimes ask me what to expect when they wear my chakra healing tattoos. Recently, I wrote to one explaining the typical process, and I thought I should share what I wrote here on my blog too.

Each tattoo carries a different energy, and therefore creates different physiological effects.

My root (grounding) tattoo is my biggest seller, and the one I get the most feedback on, so let’s look at the average response to wearing my Chakra Boosters Root Healing Tattoo.

The most important thing to realize is that every person is going to feel something different, depending on the state of their chakras and their personal energetic sensitivity.

Here are the four most common physiological experiences people have with the root chakra (in order):

1) A warmth at the (tailbone) area

2) A slightly tingly/buzzy sensation

3) An increased awareness of the bottom of the feet (you can feel your soles more)

4) A sensation of relaxation, making it easier to sleep.

Still, some people feel very little or nothing at all. And that’s okay. The energy is still present and doing it’s good work.

Let me give you an example of this. If somebody never drinks any caffeine, they can drink a cup of tea and feel a buzzy, wired feeling in their body, while somebody else who drinks a few cups of coffee every day, could drink a cup of tea and feel absolutely nothing.

In both cases, the tea’s caffeine is still affecting the body, but the person’s experience of it is totally different due to their heightened or lessened sensitivity.

At this time in our collective evolution, we have an the opportunity to get more in tune with ourselves as energetic beings, and to be more sensitive to what we are feeling energetically at all times. But first, we need to detox ourselves from the over-stimulation to which we are now habituated.
Whether it’s the noisy traffic or television outside of us, or the alcohol, sugar or caffeine inside us, we are typically surrounded by and filled with artificial sources of “energy” that mask our sensitivity to our natural energetic state.
Energy awareness is something you have to prepare for in this age of desensitization. And it’s not too hard to increase your energy awareness if you intend it and set out to make it a way of life. All you have to do is eat better (organic, fresh, green), drink more water (fresh, unflouridated, higher ph), exercise regularly, meditate (just get quiet and still), and get out into nature on a regular basis.

Love and (grounded) blessings,


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