Sagittarius New Moon Brings Light & Laughter to the Wintery Dark


bekah finch turnerSagittarius New Moon ~ Friday, December 11, 2015 @ 3:29 PST

It’s nearly mid-December and we are deep in the darkness. Whether your dimming is merely a seasonal absence of sunshine or you are caught in the much heavier experience of personal and/or collective fear and grief, it is a challenging period to be awake. It’s no wonder so many of our animal and plant relations use this cycle to gestate and hibernate. But for us with our marvelous technology and societal addiction to doing, we often only find reprieves in the holiday approved, even expected, tasks of over spending, eating and drinking.

It is hard out there right now and perhaps even harder inside. I definitely feel like I could get lost in the anxieties that wake me in the middle of the night… whispering their worries over money, safety, future and everything else that creeps into the blackness.

I am grateful for the gift of spirit, now, more than ever.

In the language of astrology, spirit is represented by the element of fire. It is fitting that this cycle of increasing night as we move closer to winter solstice, the sun’s rebirth, (December 21st) is ruled by the celestial flames of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius was made for long cold nights telling amazing tales around a bonfire. Sagittarius, ruled by bright, benevolent, gregarious Jupiter, is the essence of whimsical characters like Santa Claus or Frosty the Snowman. Energy that is larger than life, magical, joyful and lives to bring happiness to others is spirit’s way of balancing such a cold and lumin-less cycle.

I love the quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, that states, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that…” but do wonder if darkness can ever be driven out completely. Even the clearest sun will cast a shadow. Sometimes I feel it is this desire to cut away pieces of ourselves we don’t like or force union from two total opposites that really is the source of all suffering, as some traditions believe. I would say, however, that trying to banish darkness entirely at this specific time of year is exhausting and impossible.

The new moon in Sagittarius is here to tell us, loud and clear, that all is not lost. If we can invite the wild fire of spirit to shake off the damp and ice and snow and awaken in our bellies and hearts and lives, this incarnation of light can be the sweetest of the year.

I pray that we all find the source that really fires us up right now. I’m not referring to the temporary heat of new toys, egg nog or cookies, though you need not avoid them completely. But truly, what brings a smile to your tears, hope to your doubt, love to your fear, joy to your pain and light to your dark? Connect with that, often. And if you don’t know, this is the lunar phase to find out. Sag loves a good adventure, real or imagined.

I recommend starting by surrounding yourself with the people and places that bring laughter and relaxation, as well as any seasonal rituals that warm your soul. A simple practice I have been doing is walking at night and looking at Christmas lights. It’s an easy way to immerse in the cool night and still focus on literal light and goodwill of others. I sing songs and mantras to my son and we share what we see and love.

The other important piece to Sagittarius is that while she could be seen as Santa, the difference is that her powers are not limited to just one “special” being. In fact, the shadow to Sag’s light is in diminishing her power by thinking that spirit has a single voice, instead of infinite. You have to claim your own expression, not wait for another to bring presents and presence. No one else can shine the same light as you. We need all the unique flames we can get. Don’t let someone else’s passion define yours. Don’t believe you can’t connect with magic or star in your own adventure. We are in the dark together and it’s not fair to think one candle is supposed to keep us safe and warm all winter long.

Sagittarius’ spirit is in you. It is you. It has enough heat to share with us all. We just have to believe it and do it, whatever it is you really believe and want to do.

Light cannot drive out darkness completely, not today, but it can make it a heck of a lot more bearable, illuminating and even, enjoyable.

Blessings and lots of light,


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BekahFinchTurnerBekah Finch Turner is also a regular contributor to chakraboosters.com, home of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™. She is a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com.

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