Busting the Myths About Your Upper Chakra Endocrine Glands

This week, we’re looking at the endocrine glands that are related to your upper chakras. Many people — even chakra “experts” — often mix up the glands for the third eye and crown. And hardly anyone knows that the heart is not only an organ, but also a gland… so read on for more clarification.

This is actually my second blog post on the endocrine glands that relate to your chakras. Check out my post from last week if you want to discover which glands are related to each of the lower chakras (and the root chakra gland in particular might really surprise you).


Before we dive into the glands of your upper chakras, let me point out the two things that best determine which gland is related to each chakra.

The endocrine gland(s) that is (are) related to each chakra is (are):

  1. Located in the bodily area of that chakra.
  2. Demonstrate(s) the qualities of that chakra.


Your main heart chakra gland is the thymus. It’s located right in the heart chakra area — behind the sternum, between the lungs. It creates white T-cells and specializes in boosting your immune system.

Unlike most glands, it reaches its maximum size in puberty and then begins to shrink. By late adulthood, the thymus has created all the T-cells we need for life and has reduced itself to a small fat globule.

I think it’s elegant and fitting that the heart chakra is all about touching and connection, and the gland it’s related to gives us the immunity we need to get close to others and still remain healthy.

The secondary gland of the heart is the heart itself! Most people think the heart is just an organ. But in 1986, researchers, Marc Cantin and Jacques Genest published an article showing that the heart secretes two hormones that are very important to cardiovascular health. This means the heart is a gland — and the fact that this designation has never really caught on, doesn’t make it any less true.

It’s so perfect that the heart would be a gland for the heart chakra! After all, the heart IS the symbol of love worldwide.


Everyone seems to agree about that the throat chakra gland is the thyroid.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of thyroid illnesses happening across the globe these days. And it’s leading to disturbing amounts of prescription drugs and people deciding to remove their thyroid glands.

The two most common thyroid issues are hypothyroidism which leads to low energy. It’s the result of a weak throat chakra. And hyperthyroidism which leads to hyper energy (anxious feelings). It’s caused by an overactive throat chakra.

The thyroid is also tied to releasing growth hormones.

All of these traits dovetail with the throat chakra since it is the highest masculine chakra and is tied to spiritual growth and transformation as well as getting things done (having energy to DO stuff).


The third eye is often erroneously associated with the pituitary gland. I think this is because the pituitary sits lower in the head than the pineal, and the third eye chakra is below the crown.

But this is backwards for several reasons. I’ll cover some of the reasons here and the rest of in the description of your crown chakra gland below.

First, I want to note that location does not apply to the crown chakra the way it does to the other chakras because the crown chakra is off the body. It’s non-corporal. The specific location of it’s gland is not as important (but both glands are located in the brain which is tied to the crown).

Second, the pineal gland has characteristics that relate to the third eye chakra and the pituitary has qualities that are the crown-like.

The third eye is about intuition, visions and dreaming. It’s truly the Queen of the Night. And the pineal gland secretes melatonin when it senses darkness so we can sleep and dream.

Actually, the pineal gland senses changes in light anywhere on the body. It’s a sort of light barometer and the third eye is the chakra of light.


The endocrine gland for your crown chakra is the pituitary. It’s a perfect fit. Just as the crown is the master chakra (that contains all the other chakras in it), the pituitary is the master gland that works with hormones that effect all the other chakras.

Near the end of the video above, I share five hormones that the pituitary effects that relate to the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart and throat chakras. Watch and discover what they are.

I hope you’ll share this information so we can diminish the confusion around the glands that are related to the upper chakras. Contrary to popular belief, the chakra are not purely mystical. They make sense!

Enjoy your week, Beautiful Soul.

Love and blessings,

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