Busting the Myths About Your Lower Chakra Endocrine Glands

This week, we’re looking at the endocrine glands that are related to your lower chakras. I find this information exciting because the endocrine glands are a sort of physical evidence of the chakras, which most of us can’t see.

And I’ve been meaning to make this video forever! Because I need to break through some falsehoods in this arena.

So, here we go…


Your adrenal glands are NOT directly tied to your root chakra.

They’re associated with your solar plexus chakra. And yes, they’re indirectly tied to your root, because the root and solar plexus are on the same “team.” They often go to battle together because they are the two masculine energy centers in the lower chakra area.

But they are fundamentally different. Very different.

Your root chakra specializes in downward-moving, relaxing, life-supporting “apana” energy like the actual roots of a tree.

Your solar plexus chakra, on the other hand, specializes in forward-charging, fiery “samana” energy like a warrior charging into war.

I think the adrenals have long been incorrectly associated with the root chakra because they’re all about “fight or flight.” And the root chakra is often called the “survival” chakra.

Still, the root chakra is the opposite of fight or flight. It’s about staying. And the truth is, when we experience fear, the root chakra signals its warrior brother, the solar plexus. And it’s our fiery, solar center chakra that kicks the adrenals into gear.

Before I go any further on this discussion of the association between our chakras and our body’s endocrine glands, I want to point out something important.


In my work with the chakras over the last 20 plus years, I have repeatedly observed the astoundingly elegant organization and structure of the chakras. They form a perfect spectrum in many observable areas — color (red to violet/white), vibration (slow to fast), sound (deep to high) density (thick to thin) and more.

Basically, the chakras are the energetic foundation of everything in the physical realm so they’re elegantly organized in the same way that nature itself is. Pick up any leaf or seashell and you can immediately see the exquisite orderly beauty of life itself.

But let me not digress too far…

I’m simply bringing this all up because the endocrine glands relate to the chakras in this super basic, orderly way:

The endocrine gland(s) that is (are) related to each chakra is (are):

  1. Located in the bodily area of that chakra.
  2. Demonstrate(s) the qualities of that chakra.


It’s that simple.

With that in mind, here are the three endocrine glands that are related to the three lower chakras.


Yes, I am saying that only men have the glands that are related to the root chakra. And yes, I’m aware it’s a pretty controversial thing to say.

I think a desire to avoid controversy may be part of the reason why most chakra teachers have associated the root chakra with the adrenals instead. They seem more pc.

But think about it.

The testes are in exactly the right place for the root. They’re all about creating the masculine hormone testosterone that helps to build strength and bone mass which are both related to the root.

Testosterone gives men their sex drive and the testes also produce sperm. These two things together make men want to have sex and spread their “roots” (aka procreate).

Testosterone is also related to the production of red blood cells. And blood is strongly associated with the root chakra — literally as well as symbolically.

When people — even a woman — have the ability to stand for what they believe, we say “they have balls.”

The testes are the quintessential root chakra glands.


Yes, I am saying that only women have the glands that are related to the sacral chakra. And yes, I’m aware it’s a pretty controversial thing to say.

But it’s not as controversial as tying the root to the testes, since the sacral chakra has traditionally been tied to the gonads — both the testes and ovaries.

Do I even need to point out the problem with tying the most embodied, feminine chakra with the testes that create the masculine hormone testosterone???!

(Yes, I am getting lathered up now. Because it’s silly.)

The sacral chakra is all about the ovaries and only the ovaries. The estrogen that the ovaries create is tied to the female reproductive cycle and mood/emotional swings that are intricately tied to the sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra is the water chakra. It’s associated with the moon and female menstruation (called a moon cycle), the womb and giving birth. The tides (water) also move with the moon. It’s all cyclically connected. And it’s all about flow.

And none of it has anything to do with the testes or testosterone, which is about sticking and staying — the opposite of flow.

As un-pc as this may sound, the gonads are not the glands of the sacral chakra. Only the ovaries are.

And I also think it’s exquisitely elegant that the two lowest (masculine-feminine) chakras are tied to glands that the opposite gender doesn’t have. This creates a polarized chemistry that helps fuel the male/female desire to connect and procreate, which is essential to the existence of our species.


The adrenals fit the solar plexus to a T. They sit on top of the kidneys in the solar plexus area and they’re even yellow!

They activate our fight or flight response, which is in perfect keeping with this “action” chakra. Perhaps the biggest part of the solar plexus is that it kicks us into gear — fast. And the adrenals are the activators that do it.

The solar plexus is also tied to digestion and our energy levels. That’s why I believe the pancreas is a secondary gland here. It secretes a variety of substances essential to effective digestion. And it also creates insulin, which helps to regulate the body’s blood sugar levels.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that you’ll share this information. Contrary to popular belief, the chakras are not esoteric. They make sense. And they have so much to teach us.

Create an incredible week, Beautiful Soul.

Love and blessings,

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4 thoughts on “Busting the Myths About Your Lower Chakra Endocrine Glands”

  1. So how does that work with me as a woman not really having a root chakra? Or do I just not have anything physical to tie into it? I am a very grounded person, a woman in touch with my masculine side. My male partner is in touch with his feminine side and much less grounded than I am. So we mesh well together, but I just don’t get that there appears to be something “missing” from each person??? Is there an esoteric or energetic substitute for the physical glands for the lower two chakras?

  2. Hi Donna, You absolutely DO have a root chakra, hon. You just don’t have the gland that is typically associated with it. There’s nothing at all you need to do, because you sound quite grounded and likely have a strong root. Not having the gland doesn’t mean a whole lot. Energy comes before matter.xoxo

  3. Namaste
    I have diminished ovarian reserve and it is premature.
    Developed fibroid of 5cm after my marriage as I was advised injections for ivf.ovarian cysts and peritubal adhesions are also diagnosed.my whole reproductive system is deranged.ivf is only option as doc say.what would have went wrong with my root and sacral and solar chakras?how to effectively balance them?
    Would balancing chakras help in repairing my reproductive system and how much time it will take for ?

  4. Hi, I’m not really allowed to give medical advice. It does seem that sacral healing in particular would be good. I used to teach Luna Yoga — a fertility form of yoga and saw women shift greatly with that. If you have something like that in your part of the world, I highly recommend it. All the best on your healing path. xoxo, Vicki

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