April Energy Forecast: Venus Star, Supermoon and More!

This April Energy Forecast feels big. Particularly for your relationships and feminine energy. With a powerful Venus-Sun conjunction (known as the Venus Star Point) dominating the last week of March and an Aries Stellium on the first new moon of the month… things are getting real.

Heart-Solar Plexus Expansion & Integration

Your heart and solar plexus chakras — that is, your key feminine and masculine energies — are expanding and dancing together.

It feels a little unprecedented. And exciting.

You’re going to be upgrading the way you see, value and love yourself. And THAT is going to then ripple out into all your relationships. And it’s going to be a deep and lasting change.

With the rocket-blasting energy of an Aries stellium dominating the first new moon of April, it feels like we’re genuinely launching a whole new kind of love — for ourselves and others.

At least, that’s what’s possible.

If we choose love, self-reflection and healing.

And if we embrace our full power and take ACTION.

Chiron is allowing us to heal old wounds and close the chapters we no longer want to relive. And yes, you DO know what they are — those unconscious habits you built out of fear that no longer serve you.

Scorpio Supermoon

And we end the month we have an intense supermoon in Scorpio. A supermoon is a full moon that’s more energetically intense because it’s closer to earth. This means that the powerful, sexual, emotional sign of Scorpio that loves to dig deep and dance in the darkness is going to be even more intense.

The good news is this: the Libra full moon and Venus Star Point at the end of March gave us all a stronger sense of self.

We can do this intense Scorpio thing. Because we’re more powerful than ever before.

In the video above, I give you suggestions of three things you might consider letting go of on the supermoon.

Make the most of your April, Beautiful Soul!

Video Time Stamps

1:34 – April Theme #1

2:11 – April Theme #2

2:44 – April Theme #3

4:47 – Libra Full Moon (and Sun Venus Chiron)

5:30 – What Is Venus Star Point?

8:08 – Libra Full Moon Discussion

9:04 – Mars Conjunct North Node (Soul Lesson)

10:30 – Throat Chakra Activation (Soul Growth)

11:25 – Venus Sextiles Mars (Relationships)

12:15 – New Moon Aries Stellium

16:44 – Venus Enters Taurus (Exalted)

17:22 – Scorpio SuperMoon

18:33 – Can You Let Go of…?

21:22 – Goddess Cards #1

23:00 – Goddess Cards #2

Love and blessings,

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  1. Thank you Vickie!! Great forecast that I deeply resonates with me!!
    Have a wonderful month!!!

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