Tips To Boost Your First Chakra For Grounding & Prosperity


In the chakra world, you often hear about “kundalini rising” and the importance of getting your lower chakra energy to rise upward. But you don’t hear much about an equally (or in this era even more) important energy pulsation – the manifesting current. This is the current of energy that moves from the sky to the earth, or from your crown chakra down to your root chakra.

It’s a particularly important pulsation in these quickly changing times, as it creates grounding and a sense of stability, as well as good health and financial well-being. If you suffer from anxiety or confusion, or have money or chronic health issues, then you could probably benefit greatly from boosting your root chakra. And really, who couldn’t benefit from an increase in prosperity and more vibrant health?
So, over the next couple weeks, I am going to share some short video tips for increasing your first chakra energy.


1. Gardening – you don’t even have to have a garden!! The important thing is to get your hands in the dirt. Check out this short video:

2. Trees – notice trees, touch (or hug) them, trace their roots with your imagination, and you’ll feel yourself get immediately more grounded and expansive at the same time. Here’s a quick video on that:

3. Drumming – you don’t even have to use a real drum. Grab anything that resembles a drum, like a big plastic container, turn it upside down and voila — instant drum. Then pound out a nice repetitive, rhythmic beat and your body will relax into the earth. Here’s another quick video for you:

4.  Using The Color Red — from what you eat and wear to what you look at on a daily basis, adding red to your life is a quick and easy way to boost your first chakra.  This short video also includes a little game you can play to incorporate red and more grounding energy into your life.


5.  Look for Stray Coins — you’ll be amazed at how many coins you can find if you simply focus on it.  As you walk through your typical day, focus a little more on the ground (thereby grounding yourself), and keep an eye open for little glimmers of shiny coins (thereby keeping your focus on money).  Keep all the coins you find, and put them in a container to reminder you of how much abundance is available all the time — if we don’t just pass it by.  Have fun!

6.  Go Barefoot — okay, if it’s snowing out, you may want to limit this practice to the indoors, but most of us could certainly spend more time with the soles of our feet actually touching the ground.  It’s a super simple tip that is super important.  So, please, take your shoes or slippers off, and start boosting your first chakra. Oh, and the video below, also shares a quick tip on how to massage your feet in a way that will create downward, grounding energy.



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