“Enlightenment” Is Not Up THERE Anywhere


We human beings have long believed that in order to be “enlightened,” we had to move our energy upward; get our kundalini to rise and spend more time in our “more advanced” upper chakras.

It makes sense, right?

We are spiritual beings before we come here.  We then get born into this physical experience.  It seems logical we would want to make our way back “home” to that light state of pure energy and all knowingness.

Still, I don’t like it.

Even when I was a young girl, this concept didn’t settle well with me.

If I am pure spirit at my essence, and I came here to learn and grow in physical form, then why would I want to practice moving out of my physical form?  Why would I want to rise above this body?

It’s easy to be spiritual without a body.

So its not surprising that many religions and classical spiritual practices (like some forms of classical yoga) have encouraged us to overcome the “base” needs of our body — especially our lower chakras.

The concept is this — get good enough at ignoring the body and/or rising above it, and you will be “spiritual.”

After all, the lower chakras are responsible for hard-to-accept states like:  greed (first chakra), lust (second chakra) and power (third chakra) — just to name a few.

So, the history of chakra work has been to predominantly emphasize moving our energy upward — away from the dangerous trap of the decadent lower chakras and their dark inclinations.

Again, I completely understand this approach.  Up until quite recently, our world was pretty heavy energetically.  If you got caught “down there” in that den-of-iniquity zone of the lower chakras, perhaps you would never come back to a more conscious way of life.

Today, though, I believe the opposite problem is arising.

The energies on our fair planet are accelerating so quickly that now there’s more danger of getting caught in the upper chakras of thought, fantasy and  “spirituality,” and not being able to keep your feet on the ground – to pay the bills, keep the body healthy, and other such physical things.

Gravity is thankfully still helping us stick to this beautiful blue ball, but increasingly strong energies are drawing us upward and outward toward continual expansion.

Everyone I know is talking about it.

Something is UP.

Really UP.

It’s exciting and yet, it can be anxiety producing too — especially for those of us who are not living fully in our bodies or connected fully to Mother Earth.

And that is why I believe the main chakra work we have to do now is to draw spiritual energy DOWN.   The tides have changed. It’s now time to bring Heaven down to Earth. We have devalued our physical experience, our bodies and our planet long enough.

Besides, a building can only grow as tall as it’s foundation; a tree can only grow as tall as it roots descend.  It’s the simple art of symmetry and balance.

At this time, when we are naturally vibrating upward, we need to create deeper roots to accommodate our intense expansion upward.

So, thumbs up for grounding down.

I believe in it so much I’ve created an entire Audio Course to help you do just this.  It’s called “Boost Your First Chakra For Grounding & Prosperity” and you can see what people are saying about it here.

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Finally, you can watch my free video tips for grounding into your first chakra from the blog entry below this one.

Or, listen to this recording of a free teleseminar I did on December 22, 2011:

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Until next time, keep your mind open, your heart full, and your feet fully on the ground.

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  • December 27, 2011

    Vicki – thanks so much for this… for a long while I concentrated all my efforts on ‘up there’ and was experiencing difficulty in living in a profitable, expansive, contributing way ‘down here’. Your incredible meditations have helped me ground spiritual abundance here and enabled me to contribute in a more juicy way to our planet. Thank you.

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