Is There A Cougar In Your Car? (aka Is Your Fear Real Or Imagined?)


What are you afraid of?

And more importantly, is it here NOW?

Most likely, it’s not.

Perhaps that is why I find this clip from “Talladega Nights” so hysterical – Will Ferrill’s fear is quite visceral. To help him overcome his fear of crashing again (a fictional event in his head), his father presents him with a very real symbol of that fear – a cougar in his car.

So, is there a cougar in your car?

Probably not.

Fear is rarely tied to this moment, and since this moment is all we really ever have, fear is almost always a product of our over-active imagination.

And if the Law of Attraction is as constant as it seems to be, then every time we fear something in our own minds, we’re literally magnetizing that thing into our life.

Let me give you a simple example: My son has always had an inexplicable fear of dogs. Over the years, I’ve watched his fear attract more and more aggressive canine reactions (I’ll be right next to him, and they’ll only go for him!), and of course, the dogs’ tendency to “attack” my son has caused him to be more afraid of them. It’s a vicious cycle.

What fear cycles are you caught in?

If you fear that you’re going to lose your job, but you still have it, then you’re living in your negative imagination (where you are going to lose your job) and not the present (where you have a job!). And because of your fear, you’re not present and able to do as good of a job, and may then lose your job due to poor performance — a self fulfilled prophecy!

The truth of it is:

We all lose jobs… and loved ones… material possessions… our youth… and eventually… our own body (back to dust).

Just to name a few.

This phenomenal world is ever-changing – ever-moving in cycles of birth and death – and when we truly accept this and TRUST the process, then our fears start to dissolve. We begin to think, “it’s all good” – so what is there to fear?

We begin to know in our heart and soul that every loss is a harbinger of greater rebirth. We begin to loosen our grip, and go with the flow.

We begin to have room for the present moment – for LOVE to live through us. We begin to be LOVE.

Maybe that’s why the word we use to describe facing FEAR is “courage.” “Coeur” means heart in French, so “courage” means “heart-age”. Isn’t that cool?

Here’s my suggestion this week:

The next time you feel what you think is FEAR, stop and FEEL it. Stay in the moment and experience it. Where is it? Stomach, head, heart? How big is it? Is it heavy or fluttery? Does it have a voice?

And then ask yourself: If I didn’t label this feeling as fear, what might it be? Or if I didn’t think this feeling was “bad,” could I enjoy it?

People pay big bucks to get their butts scared off at Magic Mountain… maybe you can experience your own adrenaline rush right here and now as a free ride. Hands in the air, repeat after me:


Wasn’t that fun? We should all do that every day.

And finally, maybe, just maybe, your FEAR or excitement or adrenaline (or whatever) is urging you on to your next evolutionary step.

I think it is!!!

So… courage, my friend.

Oh, wow.

I just discovered quite an irony – courage is almost an anagram for cougar.

I guess that brings us full circle. I must be almost done…

On the macro-level, the Western world is in a large fear cycle right now.

So ask yourself:

Do I want to add to the collective fear and the pervasive mistrust?

Or do I want to be one of the courageous pioneers who dares to trust the Universe?

Trust and faith are powerful elixirs. Drink them deeply enough, and perhaps the cougar will lie down beside you and rest its weary head.

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