7 Signs Your Crown Chakra Is Weak (And How to Boost It)


In the video above, I share seven signs that may indicate that your crown chakra is underactive. Your crown chakra is different from your other bodily chakras (root through brow), because it’s off the body and acts like a sort of umbilical cord to the Divine. It’s all about the unified state of oneness with everything, whereas the six other bodily chakras pulsate between masculine and feminine energy.

When your crown is open and strong, you have a strong connection the Divine and find it easy to experience the bliss of feeling connected to everyone and everything. When it is weak, you may experience the following:

1. Depression – the crown is your highest chakra, so if you’re depressed, it’s likely that you’ve closed off your upper chakra energies (hence the heaviness).
2. Apathy – this is a cousin of depression, which indicates too much lower, gravity-bound energy.
3. Skepticism or sarcasm.
4. Feeling you can’t meditate.
5. Feeling that life is chaotic and random (instead of believing there is a Divine order to all things)
6. Not praying or otherwise communicating with the Divine (or some form of Higher Power). If you like communing with nature (or some other non-religious arena) in a sacred in way, that’s can still be considered a form of “prayer.”
7. Not believing in a Higher Power/Intelligence/God.

If you see yourself in more than half of the signs above, you would likely benefit from crown chakra healing. Commit to a meditation course or just to do a little every day. I recently made a personal commitment to meditate more regularly, and I’m doing 30 days of 30-minutes of meditation. I recommend it. It’s a great way to cultivate the habit.

You may also want to try the Transformational Power Questions on this video. They’re designed to help open our crown. And here’s a vlog on the 5 Best Ways to Open Your Crown, ad another on the 3 Key Lessons of the Crown Chakra.

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Vicki-Howie-headshot-redVicki Howie is the Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ (find out what inspired her to create them here). You can get your complimentary copy of her heart chakra healing song here or 11 great transformational gifts (worth $333) when you sign up here for her free Conscious Life Awakened Speaker Series. Read more articles and get more info on her website chakraboosters.com and her youtube channel. Love and blessings.

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