Sex & Meditation Have The Same Affect On Your Brain

I just discovered a new study that suggests that orgasm has an affect on your brain that’s almost identical to meditation.

This means you can sit alone on a tiny cushion or jump into bed with your lover, and get similar benefits to your general zen-ness  and overall brain bliss.

Very cool.

I’ve long considered sex to be a sacred act, and I’m excited that we now have a little bit of scientific proof.

The study, summarized in Scientific American, says similar regions light up in the right-brain during orgasm and meditation.  But, according to the article, there is one key difference:

Lovers“Unlike meditation, orgasm seems a heightened sense of being within one’s body rather than the sense of being outside of it.”

As a lover of tantric philosophy, I just want to say — finally, there’s evidence that we can experience sacred bliss by going deeper into physical experience, rather than moving away from it.

The bias over a few thousands years of classical yogic thinking has been that “enlightenment” comes from moving away from one’s lower (temptation-oriented chakras) towards the upper, more “spiritual” chakras.

The word itself – “enlightenment” – contains “light” because of this preference for moving into the lighter (higher) chakras.  We also have words like “ascension” and “higher self” that refer to supposedly greater states of spirituality.

But maybe, just maybe, we don’t have to go “upward” to get in touch with our divine essence.  Maybe we can experience profound spirituality by being more deeply present and aware in our body as we share loving, physical connection with another.

And maybe our lower chakras are as big of a part of our spirituality as our upper chakras.  I for one, am all for chakra equality.

4 thoughts on “Sex & Meditation Have The Same Affect On Your Brain”

  1. To: …and maybe our lower chakras are as big a part of our spirituality as our upper chakras. Have you ever seen a tree alive without its roots? Why would Source give us lower chakras if they were of no use in the scheme of life. Of course they are just as important! The Kundalini energy rises from the base chakra upward, not from the heart, or the throat and so forth. I believe each chakra is sacred, and each is a necessary step toward enlightenment, and can be accessed to reach blissful, ecstatic states. They are the eyes and the gateways to other dimensions as well. It’s a crying shame that our society and the world in general has distorted
    the beautiful act of making love, with power games, exploitation for money, loaded with shame, blame, and repression. It distorts humanity and it distorts this beautiful chakra. If your product can help heal this distortion; it can heal the world, one person at a time. John Lennon had it right when he said: “Make Love,
    Not War”!

  2. Very beautifully said, Carolin. Thanks for taking the time to share. In this great time of ascension on the planet, the natural pulsation IS kundalini rising. We now need to more actively connect to the manifesting current and ground down so that we might be stable and rooted enough to rise to higher frequencies. Love and joyous blessings, Vicki

  3. I am a trained Energy Healer. As I understand it, tantric sex is a method of directing sexual energy upward, through the higher chakras, rather than blowing it out through the sexual chakra, as in non-sacred sex. In the first case, this creates a sacred, cosmic energy bath, with resulting bliss. In the second case, some people lose energy through the sex act. Sex can be sacred or “profane”, depending on the love that you feel/or don’t feel for your partner.

  4. Well said, Marg. I believe LOVE makes all the difference for everything. It can make anything (not just sex) sacred. And a lack of love can make any exchange profane. xoxo, Vicki

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