Seven Suggestions For Dealing With Ascension “Anxiety”


If you’re feeling a little anxious lately, it may be a good thing.

Yes, a GOOD thing.

You see, the energy on our fair planet is rising right now, and many of us are stepping into that upward current – accepting the invitation to move into higher frequencies and our most expansive potential.  But always when we step up, an old pattern must be released and left behind.  And this causes a dissonance between our current energy vibration and the one we are evolving into.

The feeling of this dissonance between our “old self” and our “emerging self” is often a feeling of being pulled up out of our grounding and/or pulled in many different directions. It can feel just like “anxiety.” But it’s not a bad thing — it’s growth — it’s your personal evolution!

Today, I want to share a few suggestions on how you can deal with this feeling:

1. Celebrate it! You’re evolving – and quickly.

2. Get more grounded. Imagine a grounding cord dropping down from you tailbone and wrapping around the core of Mother Earth right now.  You can do this in an instant anytime, so do it often throughout your day.

3. Focus on this moment.  Let the future go. It’s coming at us so quickly these days that I don’t think any of us can figure it out. So just enjoy this moment. Step fully into your SENSES.  See all the beauty around you, Feel your breath, hear the delicious sounds all around, hug a loved one, taste a juicy mango (or other favorite fruit).

4. Listen to (or watch) this Chakra Affirmation Meditation I just made for you:

5.  Breathe more fully and more often.

6.  Drink more and better water (pure and alkaline).

7. Wear my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos. They’re a great, easy way to stay present and grounded in your body while balancing your chakras. Masaru Emoto’s research showed the world that positive words on water change the molecular structure of that water in a good way.  Chakra Boosters beautiful and powerful chakra symbol tattoos affect your chakras in this same positive way.


And since I’m all about the chakras, it seems quite appropriate to end here after suggestion number seven.

Keep walking into the light, my friend, and take beautiful, compassionate care of yourself as you step into the ascending energies of our planet.

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