From 7th Chakra To 1st — Call In Your Divine Inspiration!


I have filled these blog pages with a whole lot of information — the educational kind of information, but not so much the personal kind.  Yesterday, I read a blog post by Life Coach, Bill Baren, that reminded me of what I really want to share — me, my longing, my creations.

First let me share with you a bit of Bill’s beautiful post:

“I was hanging out with my wife this past weekend in the
kitchen of our new home and listening to music.  There is
nothing better than spending some time with someone you
love on a sunny morning with nothing to do and nowhere else
to be.

Then a song comes on one of my Pandora radio stations and I
was mesmerized.  It sounded like the most beautiful creation
I have ever heard.  And then out of nowhere I just started
crying as if something long forgotten just got touched. I was
touched that deeply by the beauty of the music.

The song was Bella Luna by Jason Mraz.  And it got me
thinking that when we create something from some deep place
inside of ourselves, other people can feel it and it creates
a magical effect.”  (you can read the rest here)

Bill’s post reminded me about an awesome thing that happened when I first created my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™.  It’s a beautiful story I never shared with you, and just remembering it connects me to my deepest desire/purpose in creating the tattoos, writing this blog, teaching classes, and everything else I do.

The first store I ever approached (in 2009) to sell my tattoos wholesale was a crystal and psychic store in Sedona. A petite woman behind the desk looked at them, and then said she had to sit down. So she sat down — and started crying. I asked her if she was all right, and she said she was good and everything was fine.  Then she explained she was a “sensitive” psychic, and the energy coming off of the tattoos was so sweet, it was making her cry.

Then I had to sit down and cry.

She GOT it.

She really GOT IT.

My son, Dylan, and I had spent months designing the tattoos to create the best possible energy.  We had pushed our muses at times, waited patiently for more inspiration at others, and had always stayed with the deep intention of making the tattoos the most loving (feminine) and powerful (masculine) designs we could create.

And now, this beautiful stranger was FEELING all we had put into making them.

Of course I cried.  I cried with sweet relief and joy.

And the store buyer ended up purchasing the tattoos when I returned the next day, but it wouldn’t have mattered if she hadn’t, because the psychic woman’s tears (I’ll leave her anonymous for privacy) affected me much more deeply than the money.

I will carry that memory with me forever — especially in the “down”/tough times.

And there are a lot of tough times when building a new business — especially around a product “ahead of it’s time.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to those of you who have taken the time to write to me (when you didn’t have to) to tell me about how our tattoos have changed your life.

You have inspired me to keep going and to keep digging inside myself for deeper offerings.

Now, I’m birthing a new product — a CD of seven chakra songs — with a male friend of mine.

We are literally letting the healing music flow through us — one song at a time.  And when I play back what we’ve created so far, I want to cry.  It’s bigger than us — and yet we get to steward it through.  We are just the vehicles – but we also get to enjoy the incredible ride.

So this finally brings me to you — what is wanting to flow through YOU?

What is your exquisite gift?  Or at least the one that wants to emerge NOW (as you undoubtedly have many more to come).

And don’t be fooled.

It might not even look “creative” or “artistic.”  It might be the new software you’re designing that is so smooth and sweet that when someone uses it they feeeeeel the love and ease.  It might be an organic meal that is so beautiful and delicious that it literally feeds the souls of those who eat it.  Or a shawl you’ve knitted with so much love that the wearer feels he or she is being hugged.

What is your sweet, inspired gift to the world?

What aches to come out of you?

When we birth something (first chakra) that comes from inspiration (seventh chakra) we heal not only others, but ourselves to as we bring our heaven (seventh chakra) down to earth (first chakra).

If you feel exquisite expression in birthing something, then I guarantee others will feel the love and energy of it when you share it with them.

So give birth already!

And please feel free to tell us all about your creation in the comment section below.

Here’s to Love, Joy, and Exquisite Inspiration — may we bring each other to tears!

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  • May 25, 2018

    I just had a magical experience.. I am starting a new job and felt compelled to do a reading with my Chakra cards. I closed my eyes and took a few moments to thank the universe and my guides for inspiration, assurance and guidance regarding career. This may sound silly but I decided to put a few key words that came to mind into my search engine. I was looking for inspirational words or quotes, etc. It lead me directly HERE. As I read I cried and also laughed in amazement at how closely the universe is listening! I truly felt like you were speaking directly to me.Inspiring and Beautiful. Thank you.
    And.. I am so excited to try one of these tattoos!!! How often do you love a product before you’ve ever tried it?!

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