Your Key To Success: Hold a BIG Vision, Take BABY Steps


The first time I got the idea to make Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos, I thought to myself, “This is a BIG idea. This could really help a LOT of people!” In fact, the idea felt so big that it almost overwhelmed me.  Every time I thought about it, I got an anxious, fluttery feeling.

Of course, there were lots of counter voices saying things like “People won’t believe it,” “The world isn’t ready for this” and other persuasive, negative nuggets. Part of me definitely wanted to avoid creating an “out there” healing product, but a consistent voice inside kept pushing me forward, telling me to do it.

So I started taking little action steps. I recruited my artist son, Dylan, to help me create amazing tattoo designs for each chakra, searched for a good manufacturer who could make tattoos with skin-safe ingredients, created packaging and pricing, designed a logo, labels, found a web designer, and so on.

After I finished creating my product, I had to market it and sell it online.  That’s when I found out I had near-paralyzing technophobia.  I was trying to create an online business, and yet, in subtle (and not so subtle) ways I was avoiding almost every single daily task – things like creating a more viable website, learning how to manage a mailing list, making youtube videos, wordpress posts, garage band audio meditations and more.

Thank goodness, the inspiration of my vision kept drawing me forward despite my fear.  I made myself take baby steps every day. Sometimes my baby step was to simply find someone who could train me or guide me into taking the next baby step.

The cool thing about life is this – every step you take matters.  It ALL adds up.

Today, I wouldn’t dream of calling myself “tech savvy” (and probably never will!), but I have learned to use numerous software programs and internet services, so that I run many of the technical aspects of Chakra Boosters myself.

In other words, all those little steps have definitely added up to something.  And because of that, part of my big vision has been realized — Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos have now brought healing energy to thousands of people throughout the world.   And the numbers are growing…

Manifesting a big vision is a big process.

I still sometimes struggle to hold the space – the energetic container – for such a big product/idea, but I’m getting better and better at not letting my feelings get in the way of taking action.  And I want you to do the same.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by something you are trying to create, just remember this motto:

Keep a BIG vision, take BABY steps.

It’s directly related to your chakras.

Big vision requires that you faithfully hold a picture of what you want to create in your highest chakras – 6th and 7th – while simultaneously realizing it step-by-step through the foundation of your 1st chakra.  It’s quite a stretch to sustain, but the cool part is this:  the process not only makes you successful in the external world, but it invites — or sometimes forces — you to expand all your inner resources (upper and lower energy chakras) so you grow spiritually through the process of manifesting your outward success.

Here’s what it looks like:  hold your vision, take a forward action step, keep holding your vision and take the next forward action step, keep holding your vision and take another forward action step, and so on.

With each step, the Universe gives you feedback, so you are constantly slightly revising your tactics – and perhaps even your vision (depending on how holistically it came to you in the first place).

The key is to not get overwhelmed by the vastness of your vision or bogged down by the details of the steps you need to take.

Internet marketing guru, and all around great guy, Jeff Walker explains it best in this wonderful little video:


So what’s your vision?

Whatever it is, the world needs it.  Every single one of us has a unique vision and a unique gift to offer.

What baby steps can you start taking today?


To learn more about Vicki Howie’s Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ click HERE. To book a private session of life coaching, hypnotherapy or chakra healing with Vicki Howie, MA, ERYT, CHt, click HERE.

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